Commentary: Why hasn’t Britain been able to stop Putin?

Why have Britain and its NATO allies been unable to deter Vladimir Putin from acts … Read more

Commentary: California becomes new cradle of states’ rights

To people in the rest of the U.S., California can seem like a foreign country. … Read more

Commentary: When American compromised

Can America unify and rediscover a common national identity? Or are we condemned to political … Read more

Commentary PRO: Einstein’s long career filled with the pithy quotes of a skeptic

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Would Albert Einstein be a global warming … Read more

Commentary CON: Absorbed by his own work, Einstein would have dodged climate change debate

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Would Albert Einstein be a global warming … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers can’t duck Oregon’s PERS burden

ESD’s projections show the scale and duration of the problem

Both Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon Legislature deserve credit for acknowledging the seriousness of … Read more

Guest column: Thank a farming family

In honor of National Ag Week, March 18 to 24, I’d like to share a … Read more

Guest column: Arm yourself with good information about guns

In regard to Janet Stevens’ column “U.S. needs limits on guns,” I don’t even know … Read more

Commentary: Good leaders make good schools

The solutions to the nation’s problems exist somewhere out in the country; we just do … Read more

Commentary: Stephen Hawking taught us it was right to be wrong

In 2002, the future Nobel Prize-winner Peter Higgs joined several fellow physicists at a dinner … Read more

Commentary: North Korean talks could save the world

President Donald Trump is going to sit down with Kim Jong Un and try to … Read more

Commentary: Enjoy your job in software? You have a woman to thank

The most tragic story of the computer industry is how a field once dominated by … Read more

Editorial: The beef with the labeling law

Many consumers want to know where their food comes from. American ranchers are right there … Read more

Editorial: Bend council a step closer to raise

Bend city councilors likely will vote on March 28 to give the future council a … Read more

Commentary: Russia’s war against the West

What if they had a war, and only one side showed up? Russia has been … Read more

Commentary: Conor Lamb is a breath of fresh air

Every election cycle, we say that so and so is fighting for the soul of … Read more

Editorial: Greenways will be good for Bend

Construction may begin this fall on a smart improvement to Bend’s roads — neighborhood greenways … Read more

Editorial: Oregon doesn’t need campaign finance limits

Oregon’s constitution has one of the broadest protections of free speech in the United States. … Read more

Guest column: Sheriff Nelson voices flawed view of pot

Sheriff Shane Nelson was recently quoted by The Bulletin that he has taken a stance … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Summer camp gives kids special memories

All parents, or at least all the ones I know, worry sometimes that their children … Read more

Editorial: Bend schools’ selective love of data

When the Bend-La Pine Schools wanted to figure out if it should change when school … Read more

Guest column: A different interpretation of the Second Amendment

We the People … “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free … Read more

Letters: Journalistic malpractice; Where is the abortion outrage?; Automatic guns should go?; A vote for good government

Journalistic malpractice The front page article on Feb. 21 was one of the most biased, … Read more

Editorial: Live up to commitment to public records

The state of Oregon has a new job dedicated to settling fights over public records. … Read more

Editorial: Get help at Crook library

Sometimes the people who most need the help of a social worker have the most … Read more

Guest column: Stopping school violence won’t happen without the public

What can stop violent outbreaks in America? Everyone has responsibilities to ensure a safe school. … Read more

Guest column: Don’t blame guns for violence

Many articles have been submitted to The Bulletin since the Florida high school shooting advocating … Read more

Kruse still doesn’t understand sexual harassment

The resignation of state Sen. Jeff Kruse, R-Roseburg, becomes official Friday. He’s going out like … Read more

Editorial: Don’t count on state investing wisely for clean jobs

Oregon’s Democratic leadership has committed to passing legislation in 2019 to cap greenhouse gas emissions … Read more

Guest column: Sam Carpenter will make Oregon great again

I support Sam Carpenter for governor of the state of Oregon. Sam has the background, … Read more

Commentary: Honey, pick up some milk from the Republican store

As some companies have pulled away their discounts for National Rifle Association members, in response … Read more

Guest column: Move forward on sensible gun control

I know little of guns, and I struggle to understand the intense attachment of many … Read more

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