Erik Lukens column: Prepare for new push to ban Deschutes River Trail footbridge

Recent events point to trouble for controversial river crossing

Reincarnation may or may not happen with people, but it certainly does with legislation. Bills … Read more

Editorial: OHA orchestrates bizarre journey for anti-tobacco grant

Racing around in circles is fun for kids and works great for NASCAR, but when … Read more

Editorial: Don’t believe the health care gloom and doom

State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, D-Beaverton, made a dire prediction the other day. If Ballot … Read more

Commentary: Is the Supreme Court ready to tackle partisan gerrymandering?

Is the Supreme Court about to cause great political upheaval by getting into the business … Read more

Commentary: Trump re-nomination hardly a sure thing

The day after Alabama, Donald Trump is the president in the most danger of losing … Read more

Commentary: Having a misogynist leader has consequences. And no, I don’t mean Trump.

Having a misogynist running the country has repercussions. And no, I am not talking about … Read more

Commentary: Alabama says no to Trump’s tribalism

There are so many things I could say after watching Doug Jones defeat Roy Moore … Read more

Commentary: America needs NAFTA to win

The ongoing renegotiation of NAFTA is a critically important issue for the vitality of the … Read more

Editorial: Put Bend fire levy on May ballot

If all goes as planned, next year Bend voters will be asked to re-up a … Read more

Editorial: Don’t price state parks to penalize the poor

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s new pricing strategy is a slap to low-income families. … Read more

Guest column: Fully fund education to improve class size and pay teachers competitively

This month, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) released its annual statewide school report card. … Read more

Commentary: The bitcoin hype is weird

In the long history of money, there have been essentially two kinds. The first is … Read more

Editorial: Conflict of interest won’t vanish from PERS

Rep. Ron Noble, R-McMinnville, plans to introduce legislation to remove lawmakers, statewide elected officials and … Read more

Editorial: Another state agency lacks controls for money

The best thing about the new audit of Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission is it … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Redmond woman plans a bakery for now, but wants to be a cop later

Arianna Whitehurst — Anna, for short — seems mighty wise for her years. I met … Read more

Guest column: Voters should remember Walden support for House tax bill that hurts Oregonians

I’ve been searching Oregon newspapers for information on Congressman Greg Walden’s stand on the current … Read more

Editorial: Data centers are good for Crook County

Tax breaks notwithstanding, data centers have been winners for Crook County and the city of … Read more

Editorial: New Energy Department rules need in-depth review

New Oregon Energy Department rules are drawing fire from conservation groups that claim they hamper … Read more

Letters: Environmental ‘death by a thousand cuts’; Band together to solve homelessness; A different solution for Sisters; Preserve net neutrality

Environmental ‘death by a thousand cuts’ The current issues of whether to allow Mazama’s bed … Read more

Commentary: Mitch McConnell’s job just got a lot harder

Republicans are once again paying for nominating an unusually unpopular Senate candidate. It was worse … Read more

Commentary: For her tax vote, Collins got duped

Read more

Editorial: SDC change could encourage building of fourplexes

Should builders of fourplexes pay the same system development charges as builders of single-family homes? … Read more

Editorial: A great teacher in Bend

Andria Lindsey, 40, Bend High math teacher and International Baccalaureate program coordinator, likely thought Tuesday … Read more

Letters: Aircraft over teachers; Distracted pedestrians; No glowing example; Shakespeare’s words; Men need to change

Why choose aircraft over teachers? It seems our representative, Greg Walden, R-Hood River, voted for … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers should back Gov. Brown on OSU-Cascades bonds

Gov. Kate Brown gave the OSU-Cascades campus badly needed support Dec. 8 when she included … Read more

Editorial: Don’t give the Legislature more freedom to tax

Some in Oregon believe the government that governs best taxes more. And to carry out … Read more

Guest column: Government should not side with Big Cable

In town halls from Baker City to North Bend I hear from rural Oregonians just … Read more

Guest column: More goodies for the ultra-rich and corporations

It’s that time of year when so many of us take stock of what we … Read more

Commentary: A united left — with media help — could put Warren in the White House

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Is Elizabeth Warren really a prime contender … Read more

Commentary: Nominating Warren would doom Democrats’ chances in 2020

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Is Elizabeth Warren really a prime contender … Read more

Commentary: Now tech moguls have to work to appear not ‘evil’

Something weird is happening in the technology industry: Giant companies are suddenly worrying about what … Read more

Commentary: A to-do list for the new congressional reform caucus

A good-government group, Issue One, announced Wednesday that “19 bipartisan lawmakers in the U.S. House … Read more

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