Commentary: The nuclear agreement is ‘the worst deal ever’ — for Iran

Some of the most inspiring images of the new year — and therefore, in this … Read more

Commentary: Harvard’s new rule replaces free thinkers with goose steppers

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Does Harvard’s ban on fraternities and sororities … Read more

Commentary: Harvard’s outgoing president hit a bull’s-eye when she banned single-sex social clubs

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “ Does Harvard’s ban on fraternities and … Read more

Commentary: Loquacious RBG doesn’t ‘genuinely like’ some of her colleagues

After Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg criticized Donald Trump during last year’s presidential campaign, … Read more

Commentary: Elizabeth Warren makes a bold statement about Trump, ‘Pocahontas’ — and 2020, it seems

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., did her best last week to turn her biggest political liability … Read more

Editorial: Court case pushes public-sector unions in the right direction

Focus shifts from forcing employees to donate to winning their support

Expect to hear plenty in the coming days about a case known as Janus vs. … Read more

Commentary: I survived a mass shooting; my life has never been the same

If you survive a mass shooting, life changes quickly. For me, at Virginia Tech almost … Read more

Commentary: Don’t let Trump’s Fed pick choke the recovery

Marvin Goodfriend’s nomination is in trouble, and that’s a good thing. Goodfriend is President Donald … Read more

Commentary: Four steps to protect our elections

One of the most dangerous misconceptions about the threat of Russian interference in American democracy … Read more

Commentary: On Venezuela, where are liberals?

Students at the University of Michigan have staged a rare protest against the brutal dictatorship … Read more

Commentary: Fix the debt by fixing entitlements

Congress just passed a two-year bipartisan spending bill that will take our $20 trillion debt … Read more

Commentary: End of the two-party system

In the first half of the 1990s, I worked in Europe for The Wall Street … Read more

Editorial: Health care as a ‘right’ doesn’t belong in the constitution

If health care is a right for all Oregonians, who will pay for it? That’s … Read more

Editorial: State audit says not enough done to regulate pot

The Oregon Secretary of State’s office found real problems with the way the Oregon Liquor … Read more

Guest column: Tell state government to stop underfunding child welfare

The Secretary of State recently released a scathing audit of the Department of Human Services’ … Read more

Commentary: Political maps can be as easy as cake

Once a relatively obscure phenomenon, gerrymandering is having its moment. In the past year, there … Read more

Editorial: Don’t buy Kitzhaber’s excuses

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission takes up the case of former Gov. John Kitzhaber on … Read more

Editorial: Governments should not hide bargaining with their unions

Taxpayers deserve to know what they pay for and also how deals get made. Oregon … Read more

Guest column: Resistance is strong on women’s health and rights

Since the Trump administration took office, it has systematically attacked women’s health and rights. That … Read more

Commentary: Is this it for public-sector unions?

No obscure Supreme Court ruling deserves its obscurity less than Abood v. Detroit Board of … Read more

Editorial: Lack of vaccinations can threaten kids

With exclusion day — the drop-dead day for having children properly vaccinated for school — … Read more

Editorial: Redmond Council makes right decision on new fee

The city of Redmond did the right thing by deciding to give voters a say … Read more

Guest column: Get involved to help children in foster care

How much does Oregon care about child safety? Thank you to The Bulletin editorial board … Read more

Commentary: Side effects of the decline of men in labor market

Some questions for this Valentine’s Day: Why do relations between the sexes, at least in … Read more

Editorial: College writing shouldn’t determine judicial selection

When Ryan Bounds was an undergrad at Stanford, he wrote critically about some aspects of … Read more

Editorial: Problems with Oregon’s foster programs aren’t a political ruse

It’s enough to make your blood boil, or at least it should be. A Secretary … Read more

Guest column: PERS solution requires many difficult steps

On Dec. 1, 2017, Oregon got a preview of how much more will be required … Read more

Letters: HB4029 bridge; Buehler’s Republican ethos; teaching children; ‘illegal immigrant’

Environmental groups disappoint on bridge Until HB4029, I have supported Oregon Wild, Coalition for the … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes River footbridge bill has a glaring contradiction

Oregon legislators are scheduled to meet again Tuesday to debate House Bill 4029. That’s the … Read more

Editorial: Don’t turn council job into a full-time paid position

Come May 15, Bend residents will be asked to change the city’s governing charter. Two … Read more

Commentary: The U.S. is running out of truck drivers

Economists debate how close the U.S. is to full employment, but less often discussed is … Read more

Commentary: President Trump, How is this man a danger?

President Donald Trump suggests that the aim of his crackdown on immigrants is to “defend … Read more

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