Commentary: Trump is holding up funding for war crimes investigations in Syria

For several weeks, President Donald Trump has refused to release any of the $200 million … Read more

Editorial: Best solution is missing for home on BLM land

The more we learn about the Bureau of Land Management’s plan to resolve about 17 … Read more

Guest column: Children need CASA

The case of Bradley Thomas, the child who was found in the woods after being … Read more

Commentary: What moral heroes are made of

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to be around a lot of people who I would … Read more

Editorial: ‘Politicizing’ the handling of teacher misconduct claims is necessary

Union head wrongly urges lawmakers to ignore problems like Portland’s

The Oregon Education Association, Oregon’s biggest teacher union, exists to help its members, not kids. … Read more

Guest column: Leadership and changes needed to protect schools

No parent ever forgets the first time you send your child off to school — … Read more

Letters: Parkway free-for-all; Bend’s exclusive future; Questionable priorities

Bend’s exclusive future New York Times columnist Thomas Edsall quantifies expensive housing prices in San … Read more

Editorial: Reporting uncovers Oregon food safety failures

Oregon Department of Agriculture Food Safety Program got some awful news in 2014: It was … Read more

Editorial: Transportation planning ignores reality

The city of Bend, and, by extension, the state of Oregon, needs to get real … Read more

Guest column: Growth threatens future of Bend

What will Bend be like in 2030? If present growth trends continue, very little like … Read more

Letters: Add walk-in trail permits; Why cover Stormy Daniels?; Park district lets public down on Mirror Pond; Don’t shelve rape kits

Add walk-in trail permits I was pleased to see The Bulletin’s excellent coverage of the … Read more

Editorial: Measure would make bad situation worse

For all its scenery and outdoor recreation, Oregon has its problems. It has a reputation … Read more

Editorial: Don’t base pot policy on anecdotes

Regulation of marijuana is one of the policy differences between Republican Patti Adair and Democrat … Read more

Letters: A new Senate low; High cost of cameras; Taxing sugary beverages

A new Senate low Just when one thinks the Senate cannot reach a new low … Read more

Guest column: Federal government needs to take action on guns

How many is too many? The tragedy in Santa Fe, Texas, is No. 22 in … Read more

Commentary: CON: Bailing out on a bad deal actually stabilizes the chances for peace

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Did Trump err in abandoning Obama’s nuclear … Read more

Commentary: PRO: Trump’s move greatly complicates quest for Mideast peace

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Did Trump err in abandoning Obama’s nuclear … Read more

Commentary: Going to school no longer means going to school

HUMBOLDT, Kan. — For months I have been reading and writing about the poisoning of … Read more

Baby steps toward cheaper drugs are the best we can do

On the stump, Donald Trump the candidate promised big changes in the way America buys … Read more

Editorial: Don’t strangle legislator questions

The last thing Oregonians need are legislators who don’t ask questions. Yet House Speaker Tina … Read more

Editorial: Use franchise fees on Mirror Pond

Mirror Pond Solutions, formed by the Old Mill District’s Bill Smith and Todd Taylor of … Read more

Guest column: Oregonians need protection from drug costs

My name is Ann Neilson, and I’m from Madras. I’ve lived in Madras for almost … Read more

Guest column: Pass bill for collaborative forest work

As another wildfire season approaches, we could all use a little assurance that efforts are … Read more

Commentary: Are today’s college graduates capable and cultivated?

It’s college commencement time, and the question is the future of the graduates, whether we … Read more

Commentary: A reckoning is coming for blue states

Before the ink was dry on our new tax bill, outraged blue states were screaming … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s dream come true

My wife is building a language museum in Washington (I’m its vice chairman), so people … Read more

Commentary: An American diplomat in Europe

BERLIN — “It’s like being a gay conservative in the Republican Party.” That is Richard … Read more

Editorial: State should explain progress or failure in foster care

Chronic management failures and high caseloads have meant Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) has … Read more

Editorial: County should say no again to ‘historic’ canal

Proponents of tacking a historic designation onto a section of a Central Oregon Irrigation District … Read more

Commentary: The Gaza border violence shows how extremism corrupts

As you know, everybody sees the Middle East through his or her own narrative. Conservatives … Read more

Commentary: Necco Wafers and the capitalist algorithm

News that the New England Confectionery Co. may go under, after more than a century … Read more

Editorial: Portland school scandal contains a lesson for Bend

Contract language in Portland and Bend helps teachers purge their personnel files

We can all agree that Bend’s school district is not at all like Portland’s, which … Read more

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