Finding a spotted frog

I have been slogging through the sludge for years searching for the Oregon spotted frog in order to complete my preserved endangered frog collection; and here it is within a strong arm’s stone’s throw from my home. Who would have thunk? However, in fairness, it must be added that I have seen strangers crawling through this pond in the quiet hours — I hope this is not a plant. Be that as it may, now that my frog collection is nearing its completion, if you get wind of any sightings of the short-tailed albatross, let me know — I’m thinking of going bigger.

Halie Groza


What about children elsewhere?

I read in the July 27 Bulletin that Gov. John Kitzhaber said he welcomes the first 50 migrant children of Mexico here in Oregon. He mentioned the state will continue to welcome children fleeing hardship and violence.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but didn’t our Congress spend $350 million in the last two years to “protect our border?” Most of this money was spent hiring hundreds of new border patrol officers and high-tech equipment for the Mexican border.

What about the children of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Israel, Baghdad and Gaza, where people are blown up on a daily basis? What about the children of Africa who live in fear of the terrorists that kidnap and murder children? Should we immigrate these children to Oregon, too, as they are certainly living a life of hardship and violence? I listened to one of these migrant children tell a reporter that he wasn’t fleeing Mexico because of fear, but he was coming to America because he knew he would be taken care of for the rest of his life. Are we to pay for each of these children’s education, food, water, housing, medical, dental and clothing?

Jess Anders


Peace Corps offers great opportunity

Regarding the July 26 story “Peace Corps death raises questions”:

What are the questions raised in this article? The deaths noted are certainly tragic, but are hardly indicative of any great shortcoming in the U.S. Peace Corps. Misdiagnoses and misfortune can and do happen anywhere.

As a volunteer in Thailand, I experienced the best medical care and coverage I have ever had. The Peace Corps medical staff (who, by necessity, were located hundreds of miles away) responded to concerns quickly and competently and never hesitated to make arrangements for our care at local medical facilities, transporting us farther if more care was needed.

The most important point, which this article merely mentioned in passing, is that less than two-tenths of 1 percent of the total number of volunteers since the inception of the program have died. Everything that we as humans do, from crossing the street to eating red meat, could have potentially fatal consequences. Anyone who has gone all the way through the application process and has accepted their assignment as a Peace Corps volunteer has considered the risk and has decided that it pales in comparison to the opportunity for adventure and the possibility of having a positive impact on this world of ours.

Joining the Peace Corps is the smartest decision I have ever made, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Eli Seemann


Impeachment would take spotlight off real issues

Last week, senior White House aide Dan Pfeiffer spoke to a group of reporters organized by the Christian Science Monitor. Among other things, he set up this year’s election narrative: “House Republicans may be more eager to act on the threat of impeachment than people realize.” This was of course repeated by press secretary Josh Earnest. By Friday evening, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was fundraising on the threat of impeachment. After some Republicans waffled on this possibility, the White House now appears that, absent a positive message, its best hope is to convince its base that the “racist” Republicans are planning to impeach the first black president. As former Congressman John Linder states, “They return to their standard of fear.”

We all remember other prefabricated lies, the War on Women, and that Republicans were talking about outlawing contraception and only the re-election of Obama could save it. For some strange reason, calling those who disagree with them racists is a sufficient plan for a party that has no other agenda. Republicans, are you sure you want to go down this road? The threat of impeachment just takes the spotlight off the real issues that are currently happening. Be wise.

Carol Orr

Crooked River Ranch