Miller for judge

I am writing this letter in support of Randy Miller’s candidacy for Deschutes County Circuit Court judge.

I have known Randy Miller and his family for 35 years and he has what it takes to make a great judge. Randy has shown through life to be a very steady, stable and thoughtful person, using reason over emotion in life’s decisions. I look to Randy in my personal life for legal advice and he consistently demonstrates sound qualities and the skills needed to be an outstanding judge. Randy has lived his life to a very high standard, striving to be successful from a very young age. I am confident he will be a fair, honest and driven judge.

As a family friend, client and resident of Central Oregon, please join me in voting for Randy Miller for judge.

Thad Brown


Details needed

In response to Chuck Arnold’s letter regarding Flaherty declining to prosecute 40 percent of cases, I have a few questions. Although I have not yet decided who to vote for, as a retired police officer, I am simply curious.

I am certain that Mr. Arnold has the ability to obtain these statistics, so I am not questioning them. I would like to know the following, however. As he pointed out in his letter, were these cases properly investigated? What is the current caseload of the DA’s office? Were these cases prosecutable, or dropped in deference to more serious crimes and better use of funds available to the office?

I am aware of the number of words restrictions involved in letters to the editor, but it would be nice to have some clarity.

Ron Coffman


Vote Flaherty

I am very confused by the campaign ads and some of the media coverage extolling John Hummel’s virtues. Very few, if any, have anything to do with the job he is seeking. Granted, he would make a good community organizer, but we don’t need another one of those.

His time on the Bend City Council certifies his “keystone cop” credentials, but what about his “tough cop” credentials? I am afraid that with his lack of prosecutorial experience and his liberal tendencies, he would be defending the criminals he is charged with prosecuting.

Pat Flaherty’s only mistake was not anticipating the reaction to the reorganization of his office. If you upset a lawyer, the knee-jerk reaction is a ploy named Sue. Don’t blame our district attorney for the fiasco that ensued; blame our flawed tort system and a society that not only tolerates but embraces legal thievery.

Keith Freeman


Vote Hummel

It is no surprise that The Bulletin would endorse Patrick Flaherty for district attorney. Consider that Mr. Flaherty and his antics since being elected have probably sold more papers in this community than any other local issue, politician or personality with the possible exception of the Sawyers. Someone like Flaherty should probably get an award from The Bulletin for “best newspaper salesman.”

Poor John Hummel doesn’t have much of a chance. He’s just an honest, hard-working gentleman who wants to do the best possible job protecting the rights of the people of Deschutes County. How many papers will that sell?

Don Senecal


Conger for Senate

Like many, in 2008, I woke up politically. I was no longer satisfied to just accept what was being touted by the media and the press. An adventure began to “find out for myself.” For my first effort, I attended a “meet and greet” for a man named Jason Conger who was running for Oregon state representative. He was articulate, well-informed and gave generous answers to all questions. Being favorably impressed, he became my baseline for evaluating people running for office.

This year, there have been countless opportunities to experience the 2014 crop of aspiring candidates as they vie for voter support. Competency, or lack of it, is revealed. Experience suits or does not suit the job. Spin intentionally misleads and candidates concoct creative truths. Party affiliation alone does not justify our vote. We have to ferret out those individuals worthy of the job before we vote.

My political sophistication has grown over the years and I realize that Mr. Conger has never disappointed me. He has remained easy to approach, still listens carefully to concerns and willingly explains the complexity of political protocols. His priorities are consistently appropriate and healthy for the state of Oregon and challenges to his voting record are handled with openness. His values and integrity have proved consistent. I have come to fully appreciate Mr. Conger’s competency and especially the quality of his character — it being so rare these days. He has my vote.

Marjorie Hudson