Vote Spear for judge

It is time to elect T.J. Spear as Deschutes County Circuit Court judge. I have practiced law in Redmond since 1990 and I have known Spear since he came to this area in 2000. While he was in the district attorney’s office, I worked with him on several serious felony matters, including an aggravated murder case.

Since he left that office, he has worked as a private lawyer on both criminal and civil cases, and I know him to be tough, fair and decisive. I believe these are qualities needed by anyone aspiring to be judge.

I also know that wanting to be a judge and actually having the right skills to make important decisions about people’s lives are often two different things. I know that Spear has taken the opportunity to work as a pro tem judge and to experience what it is like to make decisions that affect real people from the bench. I do not believe his opponent has done so.

Lastly, Spear can hit the ground running as a judge with little or no learning curve, which I believe is important at a time when we’ve had several new judges take the bench in the last few years. I believe Spear is the right person for the job at the right time and I urge Deschutes County voters to make him our next circuit court judge.

Geoffrey Gokey, attorney


Randy Miller for Deschutes County

Randy Miller and I met years ago on a Southern Oregon steelhead fishing trip when he asked me to guide. Randy and I have shared many trips since that day. Over time, we’ve become close friends. It’s been my experience that on and off the water Randy is fair, honest and genuinely cares about others.

That is why I hired Randy to represent my guide business in a contract dispute concerning the manufacture and purchase of an expensive custom boat I needed to complete my inland and offshore fishing fleet. The matter was critical to the success of my business because without proper equipment I can’t offer the services that generate the revenue I need to operate.

With great care, Randy listened, reviewed the contract and presented a course of action that resulted in the complete and timely refund of all my money. Randy managed to communicate honestly, yet firmly, with my opposition about the legal issue at hand, which led to their full compliance and cooperation.

In light of this experience, I appreciate Randy’s qualifications for judge: excellent legal ability, honesty, understanding, wonderful listening and communication skills, and genuine care for the parties. For those reasons, I strongly encourage you to vote for Randy Miller as Deschutes County Circuit Court judge.

Todd Freitag


Vote for Randy Miller

As a native Central Oregonian and a longtime real estate broker, I have witnessed a lot of changes in Central Oregon over the years. In my opinion, some of those changes have not always been in the best interest of all of us.

One change that is a definite “plus” for Central Oregonians is voting for Randy Miller as our next Deschutes County Circuit Court judge.

I have worked with Randy Miller on the board for a local nonprofit organization for many years. Randy was very committed in helping this organization grow while keeping the best interest of the community in mind. He always took the time to listen to our members and if there was a problem, he analyzed the situation and came up with positive choices and solutions.

As a local real estate broker, I feel it is very important for someone like Randy Miller to be involved if a problem arises, because I know he will take the time to hear both sides of the problem in order to make the right decision. I definitely encourage everyone to vote for Randy Miller as Deschutes County Circuit Court judge.

Debbie Baldwin


Bad sign placement

Campaign signs for Patrick Flaherty have been turning up at multiple roundabouts in Bend. I believe that violates the city sign ordinance.

It’s ironic that the law-and-order district attorney can’t seem to follow the law and is seeking an unfair and illegal advantage in the election. I suspect he didn’t place the signs there himself, but that an unknown staffer did so. That’s also ironic, given his well-publicized staff management issues. Your endorsement is disappointing.

Fletcher Chamberlin