Nonlethal program to deal with geese is working

“Yeah, a nest and five eggs. Here on my second-floor balcony.”

That was one response to last spring’s city-wide alert for signs of Canada goose nests.

I then notified the Bend Park & Recreation District, which dispatched a wildlife official authorized to dip these eggs in vegetable oil to prevent hatching. The nesting pair was not harmed.

During a morning goose count in Drake Park two years ago, I was approached with curiosity by a couple out for a walk. After I explained the nonlethal management program, the woman laughed and said, “It must be working.” She pointed down; she wasn’t wearing shoes.

During the hysteria of 2010, we heard all kinds of claims, including the falsehood that geese are a public health menace. As a result, 109 animals were killed, many of them transients stranded here during their flightless molt stage and which got caught up in an extermination aimed at resident geese. If allowed, they would have soon continued on with their northward migration.

Since then, with diligent GPS nest location and a volunteer dog-hazing program, BPRD has kept the resident geese at acceptable numbers. None have been killed in those four years.

Success has been confirmed by bird counts reported in Department of Agriculture documents. BPRD has informed me that no new public complaints against the geese have been lodged.

BPRD Natural Resources Manager Sasha Sulia has graciously offered to respond to this year’s reports of wayward goose nests. Please contact her at or 541-706-6203.

Foster Fell


Deputy DA terminations were not wrong

District Attorney Patrick Flaherty was not wrong in terminating deputy DAs when he took office in 2010. Deputy DAs are at-will employees. That means their employment can be terminated at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. That’s the way it is and the deputy DAs know that. His method of terminating them however, could have been better. Anyone can file a lawsuit for any reason, the outcome of which is usually settled by third parties, right or wrong. The settlement in favor of the deputy DAs ignored that they were at-will employees. They were not “wrongfully terminated.” It was not Flaherty’s fault that the lawsuits were filed. Motivation for the lawsuits was, perhaps, to get the money. Flaherty is a prosecutor of lawbreakers and has performed well. I have never heard him state a position on political issues.

On the other hand Hummel, who has never been a prosecutor, stated a position on political issues, which I personally heard during his debate with Flaherty on March 21. Included in those positions which he said he supports are: driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and in-state tuition for illegal alien college students. Hummel also said he opposes voter identification laws and guns in schools to protect students and teachers. His positions brand him as a politician, in my opinion, and not one totally committed to prosecuting lawbreakers.

Dennis Harrison


Pick Miller for judge

I had the good luck to work with Randy Miller as his paralegal for five years. During those years, I was able to observe Miller when he participated in hearings and trials. Miller always thoroughly prepared for his day in court, whether it was a short hearing or a trial lasting multiple days. Miller was always respectful to the judge, opposing counsel and jury, and was able to handle any issues that arose while in court because of his careful preparation.

Over the years I worked with Miller, I found in him the qualities I most admire in people. I discovered that Miller is someone with highly developed moral beliefs, firm ethical standards, as well as a strong sense of fair play. I also found that Miller consistently exhibited the ability to go right to the key point of an issue without a lot of waffling and wasting of time.

I know he will bring all these qualities and more to the position of Deschutes Circuit Court judge that is needed and required. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly believe Miller is the right person to fill the seat for Deschutes Circuit Court judge, and I urge you to cast your vote for Miller. Your vote for Miller will ensure Deschutes County has a judge of good character, as well as a judge who has a clear understanding of the issues at hand.

Rosemary Cox