Guest column: Federal government needs to take action on guns

How many is too many? The tragedy in Santa Fe, Texas, is No. 22 in … Read more

Commentary: CON: Bailing out on a bad deal actually stabilizes the chances for peace

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Did Trump err in abandoning Obama’s nuclear … Read more

Commentary: PRO: Trump’s move greatly complicates quest for Mideast peace

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Did Trump err in abandoning Obama’s nuclear … Read more

Commentary: Going to school no longer means going to school

HUMBOLDT, Kan. — For months I have been reading and writing about the poisoning of … Read more

Baby steps toward cheaper drugs are the best we can do

On the stump, Donald Trump the candidate promised big changes in the way America buys … Read more

Editorial: Don’t strangle legislator questions

The last thing Oregonians need are legislators who don’t ask questions. Yet House Speaker Tina … Read more

Editorial: Use franchise fees on Mirror Pond

Mirror Pond Solutions, formed by the Old Mill District’s Bill Smith and Todd Taylor of … Read more

Guest column: Oregonians need protection from drug costs

My name is Ann Neilson, and I’m from Madras. I’ve lived in Madras for almost … Read more

Guest column: Pass bill for collaborative forest work

As another wildfire season approaches, we could all use a little assurance that efforts are … Read more

Commentary: Are today’s college graduates capable and cultivated?

It’s college commencement time, and the question is the future of the graduates, whether we … Read more

Commentary: A reckoning is coming for blue states

Before the ink was dry on our new tax bill, outraged blue states were screaming … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s dream come true

My wife is building a language museum in Washington (I’m its vice chairman), so people … Read more

Commentary: An American diplomat in Europe

BERLIN — “It’s like being a gay conservative in the Republican Party.” That is Richard … Read more

Editorial: State should explain progress or failure in foster care

Chronic management failures and high caseloads have meant Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) has … Read more

Editorial: County should say no again to ‘historic’ canal

Proponents of tacking a historic designation onto a section of a Central Oregon Irrigation District … Read more

Commentary: The Gaza border violence shows how extremism corrupts

As you know, everybody sees the Middle East through his or her own narrative. Conservatives … Read more

Commentary: Necco Wafers and the capitalist algorithm

News that the New England Confectionery Co. may go under, after more than a century … Read more

Editorial: Portland school scandal contains a lesson for Bend

Contract language in Portland and Bend helps teachers purge their personnel files

We can all agree that Bend’s school district is not at all like Portland’s, which … Read more

Guest column: Fix gerrymandering, campaign finance and primaries

American politics are a rough-and-tumble affair. That said, developments in our lifetimes have made the … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Memorable summer looms for two Special Olympians

In a little over a month, two young men from Central Oregon will join more … Read more

Editorial: Bend council should rethink pay decision

Bend city councilors and, soon, an elected mayor deserve a pay raise. The $200 per … Read more

Editorial: Comment on the plan to restrict wilderness access

The deadline to comment on the U.S. Forest Service’s plans to limit access to wilderness … Read more

Letters: Pave Bend’s dirt roads; Time for medicine; No more gun laws; Protect gun rights

Pave Bend’s dirt roads Forcing the handful of remaining city residents on unpaved roads to … Read more

Guest column: Trump should be treated fairly

Information presented by Fox News the past few weeks is quite disturbing. And what is … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should push ahead with sports betting

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Monday overturning the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should ban taxes and fees on groceries

New taxes are as popular as a yellow jacket buzzing the baby’s crib. But some … Read more

Guest column: Bend crime lab removing rape kit backlog

The Bend Forensic Lab is working hard to remove the rape kit backlog. Sexual assault … Read more

Guest column: Who should pay for irrigation canal piping?

Central Oregon irrigation districts have spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars piping their canals. … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Deschutes commissioners should grow backbone on pot laws

Where Deschutes County commissioners will land in their nine-month re-examination of the county’s pot rules … Read more

Editorial: Neighbors, not city, should pave neighborhood streets

Dust on Bend’s unpaved streets kicks up as the weather warms. It has been worse … Read more

Guest column: The science is not up in the air on global warming

My daughter, Kristy J. Kroeker, is an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at … Read more

Commentary: Sports betting is a victory for states’ rights

In an important states’-rights decision announced Monday, the Supreme Court has allowed New Jersey to … Read more

Guest column: Install cameras in the classroom

We hear of physical violence and shootings in our schools with increasing frequency. But another … Read more

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