Editorial: Public records law has another hole

For every step forward in Oregon’s public records law, there’s another example of government refusing … Read more

Guest column: Off-road playground planned for the Ochocos is wrong

Believe it or not, it’s hunting season. For many people, the fall hunt is about … Read more

Guest column: Park district shouldn’t block off the river

Can you imagine walking in Drake Park and it’s almost impossible to see Mirror Pond? … Read more

Editorial: State lawmakers shouldn’t lose ability to hire relatives

Oregon allows state lawmakers to hire their relatives, a practice called nepotism. The word itself … Read more

Editorial: New law may help but won’t stop distracted driving

Starting Oct. 1, Oregonians who use their cellphones or other electronic devices while driving could … Read more

Guest column: Leadership needed to take advantage of technology

Please note The Bulletin’s Science Section on Sept. 13, illustrating the accommodations we need to … Read more

Guest column: Bend councilors should be transparent

The other day The Bulletin published an article titled, “Bend councilors at odds over rules … Read more

Editorial: Two good changes to public unions

Public employee unions, among the most powerful political groups in the state of Oregon, are … Read more

Editorial: Cascade-Siskiyou should be shrunk

While he’s short on specifics, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke clearly recognizes how damaging … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Fix the climate Once again, The Bulletin’s editorial criticizing the City Council’s climate plan demonstrates … Read more

Commentary: What’s really being normalized is leftist bad behavior

Last week, conservative Ben Shapiro gave a speech. At Berkeley. And all across America, people … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should change its smoke plan

Perhaps nothing has been more irritating this summer in Central Oregon than the persistent wildfire … Read more

Commentary: Yes: Lowering corporate taxes will send worker wages soaring

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Will lowering the corporate tax rate jump-start … Read more

Commentary: No: Corporate taxes should be reformed, not cut

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Will lowering the corporate tax rate jump-start … Read more

Commentary: The economy isn’t broken

Middle-class wage stagnation is the biggest economic fact driving American politics. Over the past many … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s folly

America faces two serious national security threats today that look wildly different but have one … Read more

Editorial: Apply for Bend transportation committee

Bend’s transportation future should be … what? More bikes? More walking? More buses? City staff … Read more

Guest column: Bend needs ADA improvements

The city of Bend has just completed a two-year, $3.7 million S. Third Street Safety … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Birth control should be available without co-pay It’s unbelievable that in 2017 there’s still a … Read more

Commentary: Liberalism and the campus rape tribunals

Recently, Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education, announced that the Trump White House would be … Read more

Commentary: Harvey, Irma, Jose ... and Noah

Is there anything we can learn from hurricanes, storms and floods? People have been asking … Read more

Commentary: Equifax doesn’t owe anyone anything

But it doesn’t have to be this way

Imagine a chemical company accidentally disperses toxic gas over a neighborhood. Instead of telling residents … Read more

Commentary: Raging wildfires threaten drinking water

If you live in the Northwestern part of the continent, as I do, there has … Read more

Editorial: Brown’s irresponsible goal of a hurry-up carbon tax

Gov. Kate Brown said earlier this summer that she wants to use the short 2018 … Read more

Editorial: Bend council rules change is ripe for worry

Some issues pack the Bend City Council chambers so much a crowd spills out into … Read more

Editorial: Measure would rightly clarify what is a new tax

Oregonians may get the chance to vote next year on a pair of ballot measures … Read more

Guest column: Some homes should have to pay new wildfire premiums

A recent editorial, “Wilderness doesn’t mix with civilization” (The Bulletin, Aug. 25), says the Deschutes … Read more

Commentary: Equifax ought to be a regulated public utility

Will Equifax finally be the one? Will this summer’s data breach involving 143 million of … Read more

Editorial: Police right to keep quiet about suspect

So far, Oregon State Police have refused to release the name of a 15-year-old boy … Read more

Editorial: Make Oregon presidential primary relevant again

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has an excellent idea: Move Oregon’s presidential primary to sometime … Read more

Janet Stevens column: No getting by on the minimum wage.

The next time you use the drive-thru at your favorite fast-food restaurant, take a good, … Read more

Editorial: Bend Council should respect alternative views

Bend city councilors are debating some seemingly inside-baseball stuff — how to establish the agenda … Read more

Editorial: Council wards may not be a solution

Some Bend city councilors and the committee advising them are clearly stuck on two ideas: … Read more

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