Editorial: Don’t seek personal advantage from elected office

Redmond City Councilor Anne Graham says she will contest a finding by the state ethics … Read more

Editorial: Forest Service needs ability to make emergency decisions

Chief Justice Thomas O. Rice of the federal Eastern Washington judicial district recently ruled that … Read more

Editorial: Bend should use road funds on more traveled streets

Unfortunately for those who live on the relative handful of unpaved streets in Bend, they … Read more

Commentary: How street demonstrators scored a victory against Poland’s government

If an illiberal government — democratically elected, but determined to change the rules — tries … Read more

Commentary: Auctioning airwaves to make wireless better

Airwaves are a limited resource. There are only so many frequencies over which information can … Read more

Commentary: ‘Dunkirk’ and the great films that won’t be made

I was perhaps unreasonably excited to see “Dunkirk,” Christopher Nolan’s new movie about the evacuation … Read more

Commentary: U.S. should put special relationship on back burner

Many Americans still regard Britain as the U.S.’s political and cultural parent. Despite the Revolutionary … Read more

Commentary: American colleges should stop recklessly sending students to Iran

An American student, Xiyue Wang, who was in Tehran studying a dynasty that ended nearly … Read more

Editorial: State reins in Portland fossil-fuel overreach

The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals has overturned a Portland ordinance, adopted in December … Read more

Erik Lukens column: Behind the dogfight over wilderness access and a local footbridge

A prominent bridge opponent has another, and related, passion: off-leash dog recreation

Where you stand, according to a famous political maxim, depends on where you sit. This … Read more

Editorial: Don’t encrypt county radio traffic without proof it is necessary

If law enforcement agencies in Deschutes County are going to encrypt their radio traffic, they … Read more

Commentary: Google Glass gets it right the second time around

Google Glass is back, and this time it’s not the ultimate example of overhyped wearable … Read more

Commentary: The GOP cannot fix itself – let alone American health care

The inability of a Republican Congress and a Republican president to repeal Obamacare, or even … Read more

Commentary: Small tweaks to existing policies could make a huge difference for poor families

It wasn’t much — just five bucks apiece — but both boys’ eyes sparkled when … Read more

Commentary: Asset forfeiture rule changes leave problems

In an unfortunate turn, the U.S. Department of Justice has decided to lighten up on … Read more

Commentary: What to do for little Charlie Gard

WASHINGTON — One cannot imagine a more wrenching moral dilemma than the case of little … Read more

Editorial: A name change that should offend

Several schools in the Centennial School District in Portland are likely to undergo a name … Read more

Commentary: Spending a lot on health care is the American way

The United States has some of the most expensive medicine in the world, with health … Read more

Commentary: What happens if Uber or Lyft outcompetes public transit?

The brief history of tech-enabled ridesharing is not really a story about transportation, but a … Read more

Editorial: Tough choices for unpaid school lunch bills

When parents don’t pay their students’ school lunch bills after repeated reminders, what’s a school … Read more

Janet Stevens column: A tale of homelessness

“What I’ve found,” says Justin Gottlieb, of Bend, “is many of those who ‘have’ don’t … Read more

Editorial: Prizes are equal for women thanks to the community

It was impressive to see the community and sponsors step up and equalize the prize … Read more

Editorial: Keep groceries tax free

Food sold at the grocery store is not taxed in Oregon. And grocers have done … Read more

Commentary: If Trump wants to work with Russia on cybersecurity, here’s what he should do

Last week, the president tweeted about forming a joint cyber unit with the country that … Read more

Editorial: Forest Service needs to explain tanker decision

As the U.S. Forest Service fights dozens of wildfires across several states, it isn’t using … Read more

Editorial: Bend is making progress on accessibility

In a perfect world, all of Bend’s streets would include ramped curbs that meet the … Read more

Guest column: Irrigators don’t own the water, we do

Whenever I am traveling around Central Oregon in summer, I get to see the Deschutes … Read more

Commentary: For Supreme Court justices, 18 years is plenty

Rumors are swirling that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Republican-appointed judge whose swing … Read more

Editorial: Stop deny and delay approach to PERS

Oregon needs to face reality when the state board that runs the state’s public pension … Read more

Editorial: Reinstate Madras JROTC program

If Jefferson County School District officials have learned one thing in the past month, it’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Site forced on community Recent coverage of Oregon State University-Cascades compels me to remind the … Read more

Commentary: Both parties responsible for health-care mess

For months, I’ve been watching in a sort of wonder as Republicans crafted the most … Read more

Editorial: Satiate the anti-car overlords

The urgent work of do-gooders to improve your life includes your relationship with your car. … Read more

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