Yi Wang Singingeagle

Paul Thomas ‘Tom’ Anderson

Juvenal Santana

Sherman Elmo Wright

Nancy Gulnac Williams Roberts

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Robert J. Chadwick

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‘A great Pole has left us’

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Betty May Conrath

F. Jane Hooper

Connie Bolton

Karen Joy Gillett

Juvenal Santana, of Redmond

Shirley Eileen Shawner, of Bend

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She was a children’s performer in Canada

Robert “Bob” Walberg

Robert "Bob" Edward Olson, of La Pine

Catharine Ward Grosness, of Redmond

Clare Morine Doglio, of Redmond

Harriet Joann Loyd, of Fossil

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She posed as Rosie the Riveter for painting by Norman Rockwell

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She was designer behind Vegas sign

Deaths Elsewhere

Ashley Zilphia Sult

Debra J. Tomich, of Redmond

Ashley Zilphia Sult, of Redmond

Karen Joy Gillett, of Powell Butte

Pamela Sherene Cox, of Sunriver