David Wray (Assistant news editor)

David Wray is assistant news editor at The Bulletin. Before joining the copy desk in 2006, the Washington state native worked at The Olympian newspaper in the state capital. He is a journalism graduate of Western Washington University.

Email: dwray@bendbulletin.com

Phone: 541-633-2197

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Sizing up OSU's evolving vision

The first building: How big is 146,000 square feet?146,000 square feet is almost 31⁄2 downtown libraries. That would be the size of the first building, or multi-building complex, that Oregon State University-Cascades Campus is planning for its new four-year campus. The goal is to have the facility built by 2015 for the first class of freshmen. To visualize how big this “living and learning” center…


Bees are in trouble everywhere

It's one of the most perplexing environmental mysteries of recent years: Why are honeybees dying? And what can be done to stop a catastrophic disaster with far-reaching economic and environmental consequences in the United States and beyond?Scientists don't yet have a definitive answer. But a U. S. Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency report issued Thursday suggests a complex mix of problems contributing to…