Dylan J. Darling / The Bulletin

An act of charity Tuesday night turned into a confrontation that sent two men to the hospital, one with a stab wound, and another man to jail, according to the Bend Police Department.

John Charles Peck, 53, of Bend was arrested on charges of felony and misdemeanor assault following the altercation on the 1900 block of Lotus Drive in northeast Bend, said Bend Police Lt. Brian Kindel. He said Peck stabbed Abraham Smith, 27, after assaulting Robert Mietkiewicz, 44, of Bend.

Peck was being held Wednesday night at the Deschutes County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Smith and Mietkiewicz were both treated and released from St. Charles Bend, Kindel said.

Katie Mietkiewicz, 32, of Bend, Robert Mietkiewicz’s wife, said she met Peck, a transient, behind a nearby grocery store and saw that his two pit bulls needed food. She said she had plenty at the apartment she shares with her husband on Lotus Drive, so she invited Peck to come and get some dog food.

“Just to help out,” she said.

Peck ended up spending the afternoon sitting on the couple’s patio, showing them card tricks and drinking alcohol with them and some of their friends, Robert Mietkiewicz said. One of the friends was Smith.

After a couple of hours, Robert Mietkiewicz and Smith left again for the grocery store, Katie Mietkiewicz said. Peck was still outside the home, so she decided to stay inside and lock the door until her husband returned.

That’s when Peck became belligerent, she said, pounding on the door and demanding to come into the apartment. When Robert Mietkiewicz and Smith returned, the argument with Peck became physical.

During the tussle, Robert Mietkiewicz was shoved and hit the back of his head on the asphalt parking lot and Peck stabbed Smith, slashing him from his chest to one of his arms, Kindel said.

He called it a “long, grotesque” wound.

Robert Mietkiewicz said he estimated the gash was about 14 inches long. Katie Mietkiewicz said Peck had been armed with a knife and possibly with razor blades. Kindel declined to discuss what type of weapon police believe Peck used.

After the stabbing, Kindel said Peck left Lotus Drive, went south on Purcell Boulevard and tried to hide at an apartment complex. Police officers arrested him there.