Now might be the time to use those frequent flyer miles, as air travel is expected to be spendy through the holidays.

Peak holiday airfares will likely be higher than last year, Airfarewatch founder George Hobica said in a news release, citing airline consolidation and capacity cuts.

For those who want choice flight times or seats, Hobica advises booking now. The prices may be high but the selection is expected to be slim as time goes on.

Those who consider price the most important factor might want to wait to book. For the last few years, Hobica said, airlines have reduced fares for less popular times just before the holidays. Those include early-morning departures and red-eye flights. He also recommended signing up for airfare alerts to know when airfares drop.

His “bargain price points” — meaning buy that ticket now — are under $400 for long-haul routes (for example, to the East Coast), $300 or less for medium-haul and $200 or less for short-haul.

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— Heidi Hagemeier, The Bulletin