Deschutes County

• Richard A. and Vicki A. Brownrigg, trustees for the Richard and Vicki Brownrigg Revocable Trust, to James Punt and Gabriella Poato, Township 17, Range 12, Section 17, $200,000

• Frank J. Cano to John P. and Debra M. Curtin, Stage Stop Meadows, Fourth Addition, Lot 14, $259,000

• Dolan Capital LLC to Matthew S. Molletta and Kate S. Fleming, Staats Addition to Bend, Lot 10, Block 4, $199,000

• Terry and Debra Wells to Ryan M. and Emma L. Barnes, Partition Plat 2004-79, Parcel 1, $235,000

• Linda D. Carson to Short Term Funding LLC, Eaglenest, Phase 1, Tract A, $500,000

• Tetherow Glen 58 LLC to Paul and Marlena Casellini, trustees for the Paul and Marlena Casellini Trust, Tetherow, Phase 2, Lot 61, $217,500

• Ronald C. Ore and Jennifer R. Irurita to Thomas J. and Jeanne M. Royce, Fourth Unit of Spring River Acres, Lot 9, Block 3, $422,500

• Michael T. and Sharlyn K. Kelly to Constance K. Lonsdale, High Country, Lot 1, Block 1, $335,000

• STS Enterprises LLC to Ryan and Melissa Eckman, Providence, Phase 8, Lot 19, Block 7, $289,000

• Greg Welch Construction Inc. to Connie Wahl, trustee for the Connie Wahl Trust, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 17, Lot 758, $438,496

• David L. and Laura O. Staver to Lysa M. Higgins, Shevlin Meadows, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 18, Phase 1, $327,000

• Gary, Adam and Julie Buchanan to Travis R. and Karen M. Bower, Summit Crest, Phase 1, Lot 30, $232,000

• The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Peter Roina, Township 15, Range 13, Section 21, $157,066

• Timothy L. Yantis to Gregory D. Newton, Broken Top, Lot 194, $607,000

• Brookswood-Bend LLC to Hayden Homes LLC, Aspen Rim, Lots 113-115, $180,000

• Guillermo R. Arriaza to Carol J. Bradford, Obsidian Meadows, Lot 35, $201,300

• Judith G. Patterson, trustee for the Tolonen Living Trust, to Brian P. and Jane E. Chugg, trustees for the Chugg Family Trust, Golf Course Estates at Aspen Lakes, Phase 2, Lot 59, $160,000

• William C. Dunlap to James H. McGrath Sr. and Kay M. McGrath, Yardley Estates, Phase 3, Lot 63, $285,000

• Charles A. Wollitz and Debra L. Goodrich to Ronald E. and Molly A. Foerster, trustees for the Foerster Living Trust, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 2, Lot 27, $200,000

• Tennbrook Financing LLC to Rivers Northwest Enterprises Inc., Renaissance at Shevlin Park, Lot 18, $150,000

• Tennbrook Financing LLC to Greg Welch Construction Inc., Renaissance at Shevlin Park, Lot 20, $150,000

• Tennbrook Financing LLC to Greg Welch Construction Inc., Renaissance at Shevlin Park, Lot 22, $170,000

• Craig and Kristina Glazier to Jerry E. and Leslie Marks and Michael D. and Sharon L. Maguire, Pennie Park, Lots 1-4, $550,000

• Thomas F. and Louise M. McGarry, trustees for the Louise M. McGarry Trust and the Thomas F. McGarry Trust, to Andreas P. Strieve and Inge Elssner-Strieve, Ridge at Eagle Crest 17, Lot 10, $529,000

• Sheryl S.P. and Donald W. Wood to Charlton K. Akins, Tara View Estates, Lot 6, Block 1, $175,000

• VRE Crescent LLC to Charlie C. and Britni J. Tebbs, Tetherow, Phase 1, Lot 272, $215,000

• Michael K. and Sarah R. Hegarty, trustee for the Hegarty Revocable Trust, to Joy Hartl, trustee for the Joy Hartl Trust, Forest Meadow, Phase 1, Lot 22 ,$339,000

• Robert M. and Alison J. Hamm, trustees for the Hamm Family Trust, to Audrey H. and Matthew J. Davey, Shevlin Commons P.U.D., Phases 1-3, Lot 25, $235,000

• Tyler and Melissa Jagels to Clint and Crystal Wills, Northpointe, Phase 2, Lot 57, $187,000

• Jeffrey A. and Penny R. Holmboe, trustees for the Holmboe Living Trust, to Michelle M. Perillo-Bowen and Frank Bowen, Gemstone Estates, Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, $350,000

• Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Sharon J. Schellinger, Awbrey Road Heights, Phases 1-3, Lot 33, $485,000

• Hayden Homes LLC to Skylar D. Bush, North Village, Lot 8, $184,117

• Greg Welch Construction Inc. to Bruce S. MacDonald, Tetherow, Phase 2, Lot 18, $755,000

• Susan A. Wilson and Virginia L. Silvey to Mark and Judith A. Wustenberg, Squaw Creek Canyon Recreational Estates, Lot 10, Block 7, $362,500

• Michael E. and Sherry A. Ellington to Patrick J. Kichler, Tall Pines, Fifth Addition, Lot 22, Block 27, $199,900

• Robert R. and Kathryn I. Sanders to Robert E. and Tracy L. Guptill, Canal View, Phase 5, Lot 1, $349,000

• David J. Kremers, trustee for the David and Jennifer Kremers Trust, to Kathryn M. Cullen and Thomas M. McDonald, Awbrey Village, Phase 6, Lot 117, $875,000

• Abe and Karen L. Mira to David and Leah Tolle, Tollgate, First Addition, Lot 56, $208,000

• Dale A. Reinholtsen to Robert P. and Sandra A. Chamness, Glaze Meadow Homesite Section, Twelfth Addition, Lot 412, $590,000

• James W. Harrison to Michael L. and Vicki K. Colvin, trustees for the Colvin Family Trust, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 24, Lot 2, Block 23, $590,000

Crook County

• Daryl C. Owens to Randy A. and Sharon L. Williams, Northridge Subdivision, Lot 43, $230,000

• Bradley S. Copeland and Home Federal Bank to Teddy G. Hull, Township 14, Range 14, Section 27, Portions of Section 24, $1,726,200

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Maurice B. and Lena L. Asselin, Partition Plat 2007-09, Parcel 1, $165,000

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