In an Egyptian prison, he dreamt of food. Now that he has it, his feelings have changed

Macy’s Historic Wooden Escalators Survive Renovation

In pot-soaked Washington, adjusting to a new normal

Lot of contacts in your mobile phone may get you loans

Mississippi House Race Comes Down to One Deciding Straw

America’s most famous statue was Muslim before she became Lady Liberty

On Fake Instagram, a Chance to Be Real

Capitol Police roll out transgender policy; union cries foul

Why getting rid of free office snacks doesn’t come cheap

When something goes wrong at the hospital, who pays?

Town forgave many abuses by cop who staged own death

How pharma keeps a trove of drug trials out of public view

A gay priest’s ardent campaign for change

Air Force struggles to add drone pilots and address fatigue and stress

Donald Trump Advertises Rising Value of Free Political Publicity

In Saudi Arabia, women’s fitness boom defies norms

Restoring a Cuban landmark

States look for help with bilingual mental health

Cryotherapy Offers Treatment at -300 Degrees, With Little Oversight

Texas colleges could land in court over designated ‘gun-free’ classes

What to do with Bill Cosby’s honorary degrees?

Thousands of flowers give a derelict house in Detroit a spooky beauty

International Students Find the American Dream ... in Flint

Initiative seeks to stem slaughter of elephants, other threatened wildlife

Fewer black men applying to medical school than in 1978

’Poetry is a witness’ to suffering wrought by Syria’s civil war

In Humboldt County, a tribe seeks to take law enforcement into its own hands

Lasers may ease pain for ‘napalm girl’ in AP photograph

1950s film shows beavers parachuting into Idaho backcountry


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