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Day care’s cost can exceed college tuition in some states

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Fukushima children start school, flee radiation

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Cities Advance Inequality Fight

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New research finds that many Internet trolls are ‘everyday sadists’

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Personality and Change Inflamed Crisis at Mozilla

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Political donors hit up for money hours after court ruling

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An Inscription Taken Out of Poetic Context and Placed on a 9/11 Memorial

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New Endurance Records Set as Snow Vanishes From Iditarod Trail

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Chefs Find Political Waters Anything but Tepid

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Rural residents confront higher health care costs

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Russia dairy plant closed after workers’ milk bath

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Soul-Searching as Japan Ends a Man’s Decades on Death Row

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’Skill builders’ enrolling in college, but not for the degree

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Israel no longer worried about its water supply, thanks to desalination plants

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A look inside one university’s admission process

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The Big Topic on Campus: Racial ‘Microaggressions’

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Hawaii law lets police have sex with prostitutes

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Paying the Price, 16 Years Later, for an Illegal Entry

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Candidates vie for Afghan women’s vote

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Many states weigh GMO labels

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Political fog enshrouds renaming of Yosemite peak

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Google wants email scanning information blocked from public

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Missing jet creates legion of armchair sleuths

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Google encrypts China searches, defying Great Firewall

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Crimean Tatars fear return of Russian rule

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