AP Exclusive: Bridge collapse survivor linked to IS in Syria

A Wrong Turn, and a Death on the Appalachian Trail

50 years later, the first campus massacre lives on

In Shadow of Hiroshima, a City Stands as an Afterthought

Custom coops, 12-hour flights, wing massage: These are special pigeons

In matters of love and money, this Texas hoodoo shop offers answers

How OxyContin became America’s most widely abused prescription drug

Father of Scientology’s leader: ‘I lost my family’

Bud’s ‘America’ cans mark Trump-fueled surge in US marketing

’Golden Rule Saison,’ brewed in response to NC’s HB2, due out May 15

How much for that tequila shot? The price is always changing

Meet the first US special envoy promoting gay and transgender rights across the globe

Seeking bargains, and hope, at the market swallowing Nicaragua’s capital bit by bit

Portrait of a serial killer

Efforts to reconsider life sentences for juveniles gain momentum

Underage Mexican drug mules are in for a shock as Arizona county ends catch-and-release

Religious convictions drive state legislation

The families of two brothers separated by the Holocaust unite after 77 years

At one border park, separated immigrant families hug across a steel divide

Donald Trump, José Andrés and the death of a grand Washington restaurant

Muslims still searching for their ‘Cosby Show’ moment

Century-old Oklahoma tribal map is flashpoint in digital debate

What professional cuddlers can teach us about touch

Barack Obama, the first alt-comedy president

’I am here’ - Silenced by autism, young man finds his voice

In Age of Broad Wealth Gap, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat

Your office is a veritable petri dish of bacteria

Muslim activists from Alabama get a lesson in lobbying

China’s Vaccine Scandal Threatens Public Faith in Immunizations


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