Storms deal blow to Caribbean tourism

First the hurricanes came, bringing rain, winds and ruin to St. Martin, a tiny island … Read more

Meet the first brainless animal that sleeps

It was well past midnight when Michael Abrams, Claire Bedbrook and Ravi Nath crept into … Read more

NASA’s asteroid chaser swings by Earth on way to space rock

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA’s asteroid-chasing spacecraft swung by Earth on Friday on its way … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Sunday, Sept. 24, the 267th day of 2017. There are 98 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1717, English author Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford, was born in London. … Read more

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Atomic power in Iraq — Iraq’s foreign minister is asking nuclear countries for help building … Read more

North Korea warns of ‘inevitable’ attack

NEW YORK — North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong Ho warned Saturday that it is … Read more

Trump trying to turn around GOP holdouts on health bill

WASHINGTON — Unwilling to concede defeat on a bedrock GOP promise, President Donald Trump on … Read more

Soulful Charles Bradley had late debut, strong impact

NEW YORK — Charles Bradley, known as the “Screaming Eagle of Soul” for a powerful, … Read more

Equifax made shielding data part of pitch

Equifax’s chief executive had a simple strategy when he joined more than a decade ago: … Read more

Aid begins to flow to Puerto Rico

GUAJATACA, Puerto Rico — Large amounts of federal aid began moving into Puerto Rico on … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Saturday, Sept. 23, the 266th day of 2017. There are 99 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1952, Sen. Richard M. Nixon, R-Calif., salvaged his vice-presidential nomination by appearing on … Read more

Families of the missing in Mexico earthquake still hold out hope

MEXICO CITY — Hope mixed with fear Friday on a 60-foot stretch of a bike … Read more

McCain rejects health bill, likely dooming it

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain of Arizona announced Friday that he would oppose the latest … Read more

Dam failing as scope of Puerto Rico’s mess is becoming clear

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rican officials rushed to evacuate tens of thousands of … Read more

Trump administration is considering ‘tailored’ travel restrictions

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is considering a proposal to replace his controversial travel ban … Read more

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German election mystery — Chancellor Angela Merkel’s summons to Germany’s top cabinet ministers and senior … Read more

The first female Marine: In 1918, she couldn’t vote, but rushed to serve

WASHINGTON — The first female Marine? Not what you may think. Yes, women served as … Read more

Black WWI soldiers served when racism was rampant in U.S.

WASHINGTON — The young African-American soldier sits on a chair, his legs crossed, his right … Read more

Kids improve upon ability to delay gratification

The marshmallow test is a famous psychological experiment intended to measure children’s self-control. A researcher … Read more

DeVos reverses Obama-era policy on campus assault investigations

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Friday scrapped a key part of government policy on campus … Read more

Berkeley faculty is divided over right-wing speakers

BERKELEY, Calif. — The class is called symplectic geometry, a high-level course in mathematics that … Read more

North Korea courts chaos in comments about Trump

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea has long cultivated an image of defiant belligerence, punctuating … Read more

Mahdi Akef once led Muslim Brotherhood

CAIRO — Former leader of Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group Mahdi Akef, who had been … Read more

Solar ruling vexes industry

The U.S. solar industry was roiled on Friday by a unanimous ruling in a much-watched … Read more

In wake of quake, everyday heroes emerge

MEXICO CITY — In the moments after the earthquake, they didn’t cower. They mobilized. By … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Friday, Sept. 22, the 265th day of 2017. There are 100 days left in the year. Autumn arrives at 1:02 p.m. Pacific time.

Highlight: In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, declaring that all slaves … Read more

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Rohingya Muslims flee Myanmar — Children make up about 60 percent of more than 420,000 … Read more

Kim: ‘Deranged’ Trump will ‘pay dearly’ for his threat

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in an extraordinary and direct … Read more

Puerto Rico faces obstacles on the road to recovery

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A day after Hurricane Maria razed Puerto Rico, its ferocious … Read more

The ATM at 50: How it’s changed our lives

NEW YORK — An automated teller machine. The cash machine. In Britain, a cashpoint. ATMs, … Read more

Study: Babies try harder when they see you sweat

NEW YORK — If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Especially if a … Read more

L’Oréal heiress was the world’s richest woman

Liliane Bettencourt, the French heiress to the L’Oréal cosmetics fortune and a family legacy of … Read more

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