U.K. blast called suicide bombing

Trump budget theme: working to qualify for welfare benefits

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In Israel, Trump talks solidarity with allies

Trump budget

A $4.1 trillion proposal: What’s cut, what’s not

Trump proposal would slash Medicaid

Today in history, and birthdays

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Trump urges Mideast to drive out extremism

N. Korea says it is ready to produce, deploy missile

Apple’s latest gadget: pizza box of the future?

‘Greatest show on Earth’ takes its final bow after 146 years

What ails health marketplaces? It’s largely D.C.

Trump signs ‘tremendous’ deals with Saudi Arabia on his first day overseas

Recapping 2 weeks of Trump turmoil

Iran’s president wins re-election in landslide

Today in history, and birthdays

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Featured obituary

War photographer Stanley Greene told uncomfortable truths with his photos

Pregnant at 18: hailed by abortion foes, punished by Christian school

west news: California

Report says fish face risk of extinction unless humans change habits quickly

Freed Nigerian schoolgirls reunited with their families after 3 years

China’s spy crackdown killed informants and crippled the CIA

No escape for Trump on his trip abroad

Presidential popular vote plan has a path forward in Salem

Today in history, and birthdays

Russia and Syria denounce U.S. strike

New Orleans begins removing its last Confederate monument

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Comey to testify before Senate about role in FBI’s Russia inquiry

Sources: Investigation into Russia reaches current White House official


U.S. in a ‘cat and mouse game’ with Julian Assange

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Defiant Trump declares inquiry a ‘witch hunt’


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