As budget deadline nears, showdown over border wall looms

Macron, Le Pen advance to runoff vote in French presidential election

Officials: North Korea detains U.S. citizen, 3rd American being held

Today in history, and birthdays

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Brain ‘pacemaker’ could aid memory

Long-lost Native American city found in Kansas?

Finally, from Italy, the full George Washington

Popular Bible course at a West Virginia public school faces constitutional challenge

In focus: Death penalty

California moves — slowly — toward resuming executions

New scam: stealing your home

At march, a new movement for science?

Study links diet soda to higher risk of stroke, dementia

Today in history, and birthdays

‘Shortage of coffins’ after Taliban attack

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Northwest news: California

Downpours wash away homeless colony

Looking ahead: this week in D.C.

Ryan promises to keep government open; no promises on health care

‘They starve you. They shock you’: inside Chechnya’s anti-gay pogrom

Volleyball over, North Koreans are back to nukes, analysts say

Trump adviser: Build Northwest gas terminal

In focus: ‘Battle for Berkeley’

Will Ann Coulter spark another clash between far left, far right?

Feds ramp up threats to ‘sanctuary cities’

Paris attack casts shadow over weekend’s presidential election

Former teacher accused of kidnapping teenager found with her in California

A new Declaration gives insight into a divided nation

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Today in history, and birthdays

Canadian companies aim to boost medicinal pot exports

Featured obituary

Former U.S. Rep. Dickey’s legacy included bill barring research on gun violence

Fears of consumer revolt felled O’Reilly?

Today in history, and birthdays

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U.S. weighing charges for WikiLeaks members

Paris shootout leaves officer, gunman dead


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