Rogue police in helicopter attack Venezuelan Supreme Court

A rogue faction of the Venezuelan police attacked the country’s Supreme Court in Caracas on … Read more

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Prison airstrike — An airstrike in eastern Syria destroyed a house that the Islamic State … Read more

A planet may be hiding at the edge of our solar system

A mysterious celestial body may be lurking in the frozen, far-flung reaches of the solar … Read more

GOP delays health care vote as support wanes

WASHINGTON — Facing intransigent Republican opposition, the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, on Tuesday delayed … Read more

Utah fire sparks political heat

SALT LAKE CITY — Insisting that logging could have cleaned up dead, bug-infested trees that … Read more

Dr. John Sarno tied pain to anxieties

John E. Sarno, a doctor at New York University whose controversial books on the psychological … Read more

Religion dominates high court decisions

For all those who care about how the law of the land relates to religion … Read more

Score: Senate bill adds 22M uninsured by 2026

WASHINGTON — The Senate Republican health care bill would leave 22 million more Americans uninsured … Read more

Legal pot is making it harder for cops to search your car

Drug-policy experts often say the health risks of marijuana use are relatively minor compared to … Read more

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White House warns Assad on chemical weapons — The White House issued a stern warning … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Tuesday, June 27, the 178th day of 2017. There are 187 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1957, Hurricane Audrey slammed into coastal Louisiana and Texas as a Category 4 … Read more

Legendary TV reporter covered N.Y. for 60 years

Gabe Pressman, the senior correspondent for WNBC-TV and the indefatigable dean of New York’s television … Read more

Supreme Court nears the finish line with Kennedy retirement rumors flying

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court enters its final week of work before a long summer … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Monday, June 26, the 177th day of 2017. There are 188 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1917, the first troops of the American Expeditionary Force deployed to France during … Read more

This year, Pride events offer resistance — and receive some, too

SAN FRANCISCO — Tens of thousands of people waving rainbow flags lined streets for gay … Read more

Rival Senate factions push competing agendas

Heading into a week of intense jockeying and arm-twisting over the Senate’s polarizing health care … Read more

Examining the effects of health bill subsidy cuts

Senate Republican leaders unveiled their health care bill Thursday morning, after weeks of crafting it … Read more

Trump is ‘speaking for the dead,’ in some parents’ eyes

The families could reel off all of the times they had called the media and … Read more

‘Horrible tragedy’ as tanker fire kills 150

ISLAMABAD — When a tanker truck overturned on a road in eastern Pakistan on Sunday, … Read more

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Fire safety in London — The list of high-rise apartment towers in Britain that have … Read more

Most men don’t want ‘pink’ jobs; their wives agree

It seems like an easy fix. Traditionally male factory work is drying up. The fastest-growing … Read more

Scientists who are their own lab rats

Werner Forssmann had a plan — a plan he knew his superiors would never approve. … Read more


It’s June 25, the 176th day of 2017. There are 189 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1967, the Beatles performed their new song “All You Need Is Love” during … Read more

GOP moderates skeptical of Senate health care bill

WASHINGTON — A small group of moderate Republican senators, worried their leaders’ health care bill … Read more

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China landslide — Crews searching through the night in the rubble left by a landslide … Read more

Former Botswana president was a cattle herder turned statesman

Ketumile Masire, a cattle herder turned statesman who, as president of Botswana from 1980 to … Read more

Preparing an 800,000-pound sequoia for a 2-block journey

BOISE, Idaho — Workers in Idaho prepared to inflate rolling tubes beneath a massive sequoia … Read more

Ruling could affect coal and climate reviews across the West

WASHINGTON — Any day now, a federal appeals court in Denver is expected to rule … Read more

Obama's struggle to punish Russia

WASHINGTON — Early last August, an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

Freed hostage — The plight of Americans held hostage by reclusive foreign governments has received … Read more

5th GOP senator says he won’t support heath bill

WASHINGTON — Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, perhaps the most vulnerable Republican facing re-election in … Read more

With mistrial, another shooting yields no conviction for officer

CINCINNATI — The encounters with the police officers turned deadly within seconds. Each time, a … Read more

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