Trump looks to refocus his presidency in address

Today in history, and birthdays

Around the world

Trump budget sets up clash over ideology

A desperate bid to save vanishing porpoise

Bill Paxton, 61, dies after complications from surgery

SCOTUS weighs in on sex offenders on social media

Cuts in Trump budget may bypass military

Businessman bows out of bid for top Navy post

Mardi Gras parade crash suspect’s alcohol level near 3 times legal limit

Stores on wheels navigate world of change

South carolina

Law makes it tough to lower Confederate flags

Today in history, and birthdays

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west news: california dam

Officials to stop dam’s outflow to clear debris

Cutting edge

For marketers, TVs act as sets of eyes

First state ban on declawing in works

On health law, Walden sees role as ‘problem solver’

west news: California

Celebrities launch pot brands as state legalizes marijuana

West news: Colorado River

Study: Climate change shrinks vital waterway

Featured obituary

London boutique owner Michael Rainey dressed the Beatles, Rolling Stones


China tests Trump on North Korea

Today in history, and birthdays

Dems stick with old guard in key post-election vote

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Civil rights seminar at renowned high school sparks controversy

Featured obituary

Mildred Dresselhaus promoted the role of women in science

How visa restrictions might change America

Today in history, and birthdays

White House asked key officials to rebut Russia reports

White House slams door on several reporters

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NASA officials discuss Trump's push for moon

Analysis: White House statements on cannabis

Evidence doesn’t support link between marijuana and opioids


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