And lo! There was an ark in Kentucky

Dial 911 and Wall Street answers

Around the world

Africa’s charcoal economy is cooking, but the trees are paying

Search and rescue continues after floods

At gay pride parades, a year to weave sorrow and celebration

Today in history, and birthdays

Featured obituary

Keyboardist Worrell left imprint on funk

California News

Possible human remains found in deadly wildfire

In hunt for answers, FBI follows claims Orlando gunman was gay

In focus: Presidential election

Donald Trump, over 18 holes in Scotland, plays 20 questions

EU to Britain: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out


How sound affects the taste of beer

Beyond Europe, Brexit could hit your pocketbook

What’s next: Negotiating Brexit could take years


Brexit: part of a trend that leads to President Trump?


Why Dems think they can run and win on gun control

West Virginia floods leave at least 23 dead

Elderly couple dies fleeing wildfire in California; 80 homes burned

Cutting edge

Agency enlists high-tech help keeping drones from wildfires

In a first for gay rights, Stonewall designated a national monument

Pieces of a mobster’s life going on the auction block

Around the world

Today in history, and birthdays

Brexit vote

Britain takes unprecedented step to leave EU; markets plunge


Parallels between Brexit vote, U.S. race


Drama in the House: a moment made for streaming

Movie theater assailant killed by German police

FBI gets surprise interrogation lesson from an ex-Nazi

FBI: Militia leader planned to bomb U.S.-owned cabin

In focus: Supreme Court

Tie blocks Obama immigration plan

Jury: Led Zeppelin didn’t steal ‘Stairway to Heaven’

Colombians cheer as their country nears peace accord

College football

Woman confronts former OSU coach after alleged gang rape


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