Clinton chooses VP to govern

Mixed messages to students at all-female Islamic schools

Need to know

Sperm banks accused: lost samples, lies about donors

Police: Gunman kills 9, then himself


Joblessness and its link to bad luck

As Democrats’ convention nears, hacked emails are posted online

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California news

Manson follower Van Houten denied parole

Today in history, and birthdays

Chinese scientists to edit human genes

America wastes $160B in food yearly but is too busy to stop

British Foreign Office does battle with Downing Street; the fur flies

Featured obituary

Billy Name glazed Warhol’s factory in silver, then became his lover

California News

Court denies push for payment during tunnel tests

Clinton picks Sen. Kaine of Virginia as running mate

Trump sets dark tone as he accepts party nomination

In focus: Republican national convention

Why Oregon’s Kasich delegates went to Trump

Looking ahead: The democratic ticket

Kaine may not be liberals’ first VP choice

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A final farewell to the VCR


How cougars’ killer instincts could save human lives


Hunt for dark matter again comes up empty

Race and policing: a balancing act for the president

2nd possible Zika case investigated in Florida

Prosecutor: Attacker in Nice plotted assault for months

As accusations build, Ailes out at Fox

Florida police shoot black man helping an autism patient

Today in history, and birthdays

Lingering bitterness boils over at RNC

More news from the convention

Editor’s choice

A new and improved guide to the mind

Federal court: Texas’ ID law violates Voting Rights Act

Obama’s support of Erdogan shows Turkey’s value to U.S.

Judge urges U.S. to grant gender-neutral passport


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