Race for the White House

Cruz drops out; Sanders snags a win in Indiana

SEAL dies fighting Islamic State in Iraq

Hospital attacks condemned

Editor’s choice

Relaxed gun laws meet opposition from police

North Korea readies for a rare congress

Today’s read: War on Drugs

Synthetic drugs send states scrambling

Snapchat at 107 mph? Lawsuit blames teenager (and Snapchat)

‘Hamilton’ makes history with 16 Tony nominations

Around the world

Need to know

In a divorce, who gets to keep Fido?


Long-lost slave cemetery uncovered


Why do we shake hands? It’s all about how people perceive us

Today in history, and birthdays

Editor’s choice

America’s 1st ‘climate refugees’

Cruise ship from Miami completes trip to Havana

In focus: Indiana primary

Trump on verge of delivering decisive blow

Marines investigating claim about men in Iwo Jima photo

The rise of strategist speak on the trail

Around the world

Detroit teachers urged to continue their sickout

Talks seek to extend fragile Syrian truce

Today in history, and birthdays

Did You Hear?

Movie star chimp retires to a sanctuary in Florida

Update: Supreme Court

In California case, justice assails capital punishment

Solar plane touches down in Arizona

How stricter rules for voter IDs are reshaping races

May Day protesters clash with police in France

More and more teens are taking gap years

Around the world

Demonstrators pull out of Baghdad’s Green Zone

U.S. once again has to turn to Russia for help on Syria

Today in history, and birthdays

In perspective

No, science didn’t prove that dogs hate hugs

Trump’s VP: Not a hot job offer


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