By Elon Glucklich

The Bulletin

Deschutes County Republican Tony DeBone beat Richard Esterman in his bid for another term on the Board of County Commissioners, leading by a wide margin late Tuesday.

DeBone will take on Bend City Councilor Jodie Barram, a Democrat, in the Nov. 4 general election.

“I was really pleased with the show of confidence in the work I’ve been doing,” DeBone said. “I’ve had great support in this campaign.”

DeBone was elected to the board in 2010. The former La Pine Park and Recreation District president touted his credentials as a small-business owner and fiscal conservative during the Republican primary for the commissioner seat.

He announced his bid for another four-year term in December.

DeBone and Esterman sparred on farmland regulations and south Deschutes County water issues at several debates during the campaign.

Several times, Esterman said DeBone had been slow to respond to some of the south county issues.

Esterman announced his candidacy last fall. He said he’d refuse to take the health insurance package offered to commissioners if elected, and criticized the government as too intrusive in people’s lives.

DeBone raised more than $13,000 from contributions since December, while Esterman chose not to raise any.

Barram was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Deschutes County Commissioner Tammy Baney is running for a third term unopposed. Commissioner Alan Unger faces re-election in 2016.

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