Latinos seize their moment in tight presidential race

In focus: Race for the White House

FBI clears Clinton in email investigation

Shifting battlegrounds as campaign nears end

Senate control in question as candidates make final pitches

Nov.8 Election

What IS a soil and water conservation district anyway?


Brown support for TPP stays out of campaign spotlight

Ballot drop boxes in Central Oregon

Where Oregon races stand a week before Election Day

FBI in the thick of political fray

Nov. 8 Election

Deschutes sheriff election comes with high price tag

New details on Trump tax strategy

In focus: Race for the White House

Writing in your vote for president? It might not get counted

Clinton’s emails: What we know

Nov. 8 Election

Low blows cited in Oregon secretary of state race

Update: Clinton email investigation

Warrant issued to search emails of Clinton aide


No easy choice for Comey


Sisters council candidate defends residency

Voting in Oregon

Election is secure, says Deschutes County clerk

Sisters council candidate’s eligibility in question

Nov. 8 Election

Buehler re-election campaign nears million-dollar mark

Unelected, but their power’s real

Fearing Election Day trouble, some U.S. schools cancel classes

Election 2016

Clinton expanding her campaign into ‘red’ states

Trump attacks rising Obamacare premiums

Nov. 8 Election

Independents could have an outsize voice in Salem


Write-in candidate enters Sisters council race

Bend Council

Is changing state law possible to make Bend land cheaper?

Election calendar


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