Filed March 24

14CV0213 — William D. Stevenson v. Tyler L. Robertson, complaint, at least $100,000

Filed March 25

14CV0215 — Wendy Contreras v. Margaret S. Bernheim, complaint, $96,098.15

14CV0216 — Capital One Bank N.A. v. William Hasting, complaint, $12,832.98

Filed March 26

14CV0217 — Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc. v. Stephanie D. Humphrey, complaint, $10,392.51

14CV0218 — Nationstar Mortgage LLC, dba Champion Mortgage Company, v. Lelani Tucker, individually and as constructive trustee of The Estate of Donald Eugene Nored, Timothy A. Nored, Jerry Nored, Simon Abosso, Lauren Abosso, unknown heirs of Donald Eugene Nored, complaint, $171,205.54

14CV0219 — Gemini Capital Group LLC v. Sharon Alvis, complaint, $11,085.41

Filed March 27

14CV0220 — Joshua Ward v. Sisters School District and Tony Cosby, complaint, $6,083.699

14CV0221 — U.S. Bank N.A., as trustee for Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities Trust 2004-AC7 Asset-Backed certificates, series 2004-AC7, v. David A. Collins, aka David Allen Collins, Janette M. Collins, aka Janette Marie Collins, The Greens at Redmond Owners’ Association Inc. and JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., complaint, $234,248.91 plus interest, costs and fees

14CV0222 — The Bank of New York Mellon, fka The Bank of New York, as successor in interest to JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., as trustee for Structured asset mortgage investments II Inc., Bear Stearns Alt-A Trust, Mortgage pass-through certificates series 2004-12, v. Charles E. Romig, Carolyn R. Bader-Romig, and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., complaint, $156,550.03

14CV0223 — Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Shaun Little, complaint, $12,209.12

14CV0226 — Capital One Bank N.A. v. Gregory D. Smith, complaint, $19,090

Filed March 28

14CV0228 — Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v. Ryan S. Freitas, complaint, $15,824.09

14CV0229 — Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Terry L. Johnston aka Terry Johnston, complaint, $461,707.73

14CV0231 — Laura C. Capucci v. Clint Mitchell, Justin B. Fleming and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, complaint, $92,819.19

Filed March 31

14CV0232 — John West and Clifford Phillips v. Levi Strunk, complaint, $417,804.25

14CV0233 — SAIF Corporation, on assignment from Kathy L. Lambert, v. The Riverhouse LLC, dba The Riverhouse, complaint, $50,100.45

Filed April 1

14CV0234 — Calvary SPV I LLC v. Rachel A. Hayward, complaint, $11,884.14

14CV0235 — Discover Bank v. Ursala O’Malley and Brian K. O’Malley, complaint, $12,331.92

Filed April 2

14CV0237 — Don Mooney and Annette Mumford v. Stringham Inc., dba Central Oregon Roofing, Tamara S. Stringham and Jeff Stringham, complaint, $7,980

14CV0236 — Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. David Sutherland, Patricia Sampson, Mid Oregon Federal Credit Union, Equable Ascent Financial LLC, Discover Bank, Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC, Assignee Cavalry Investments and Assignee HSBC Bank Nevada N.A., complaint, $188,933.57

Filed April 4

14CV0241 — Julie Swinehart v. Deirdre Imeson-Allen, aka Deirdre Allen, aka Deidre Allen Frainey, complaint, $49,999.99

14CV0242 — Robert Krohn and Janice Hammond, as co-personal representatives of the Estate of Marilyn Rose Krohn, v. Julie Glidewell-Seay, complaint, $43,106.38

14CV0243 — Victoria George v. Susan Day, Nancy France and Chandra Macleod, complaint, $300,000

14CV0244 — OneWest Bank N.A. fka Onewest Bank FSB, v. Elmer E. Jeseritz, Eloise D. Jeseritz, United States of America and the State of Oregon, complaint, $123,757.11 plus interest, costs and fees

14CV0245 — Thomas W. Johnson v. Micle LLC, MCH Property Management LLC, dba Partners Property Management and Sales, complaint, at least $250,000