By Tyler Leeds

The Bulletin

Bend Police recovered a number of high-end bikes while executing two separate search warrants last week.

Officers seized bikes, believed to be stolen, at 20375 Fairway Drive on Thursday, arresting Kelly Patrick Crawford, 43, on two bench warrants unrelated to the bikes discovered during the search. Two days later, officers searched an apartment at 59999 Cheyenne Road and arrested Jeremiah Michael Towery, 42, described as a “Bend transient,” on suspicion of theft after finding another stash of bikes. Investigators are working to reunite the bikes, which Lt. Nick Parker said number over a half-dozen, with their owners. Investigations in connection with Crawford and Towery are ongoing.

Many of the stolen bikes were never locked up.

“They’re being taken in all different ways, from garage doors being left open, which is technically a burglary, to off the front porch, to unlocked bikes in front of businesses,” Parker said. “Most of the bikes being stolen are unsecured, meaning no lock was used at all. There are a few where a lock is cut, but they are far and few between.”

This year, 180 bikes have been reported stolen to Bend Police, which Parker said is a pretty typical number. To increase the odds of getting a stolen bike returned, Parker said owners should document their bike’s serial number, but for added security, owners can also register their bikes with Bend Police, who enter the information into a national database.

“If they do that, when a New York police officer runs a bike, all the information will come up,” Parker said. “It makes the process of returning the bike much, much faster.”

Brian Potwin, education coordinator for Commute Options, recommends riders use U-shaped locks to secure their bikes, placing the lock around the frame and back wheel, while also using a chain to loop in the front wheel.

“Never leave it downtown overnight, even if it’s locked up,” Potwin said, adding that when a bike is left outside, it should be locked in “a very conspicuous” location.

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