Crook County Library joins others in banning tobacco

Smoking, vaping, tobacco to be prohibited on library property

Fred R. Conrad / New York Times News Service file photo E-cigarette

Starting early next month, Crook County Library will prohibit all smoking, vaping and tobacco use on its property, joining other groups preparing for the change.

Currently, smoking is not allowed inside the library or within 10 feet of doors, windows or intake vents. The new policy, which starts Jan. 7, will prohibit all smoking, vaping and tobacco use on library property, including the parking lot and Broughton Room patio.

Library Director Camille Wood said the decision came after an official from the Crook County Health Department visited and found more than 100 cigarette butts on the property.

“Beyond the ick factor, people would need to walk through areas where people were smoking and go through that smoke on the way to the library, which for some people is not a pleasant experience and not the healthy, welcoming environment we want to project,” Wood said.

Last month, the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council and Deschutes Public Library system announced they would be converting to smoke-, vapor- and tobacco-free campuses Jan. 1.

Currently, smoking is not allowed inside the library branches or COIC buildings. The new policy prohibits smoking, vaping and tobacco use on all COIC and Deschutes Public Library properties, including Cascades East Transit bus stops.

The new policy will not apply to the East Bend library branch since Deschutes Public Library does not own that property.

Both groups conducted surveys asking if users wanted the bans. Results from the library survey were overwhelmingly in favor of the move, said Kevin Barclay, assistant director of Deschutes Public Library system.

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