By Hillary Borrud

The Bulletin

From chickens to goats, farm animals were on the loose in downtown Bend on Friday morning, as hundreds of pet owners prepared to march in the annual Fourth of July pet parade.

“Watch out for the poop,” one man warned a group of kids, as they crossed NW Bond Street. There was indeed all kinds of scat at this year’s pet parade, organized by the Bend Park & Recreation District.

The barnyard animals included Lily, a 3-year-old hen who traveled the parade route in a coop on wheels, fashioned by David Brown, 55, of Bend. “My wife came home last night and said, ‘Can you make a float for the chicken by tomorrow?’” Brown said. Char Brown, 60, said the couple had just one concern. “We’re hoping she’s not going to lay an egg during the (parade),” she said.

Eden VanderHoek, 15, of Tumalo, brought her family’s 2-year-old Murray Grey cow Ziva to the parade with her front hooves painted silver and a red and blue garland around her neck. Eden brought Ziva back this year after she was a hit with small children at the 2013 parade.

“People came up and petted her,” Eden said. “She’s really good with little kids. She doesn’t do anything wrong or naughty.”

Ziva lumbered along the parade route a little heavier than usual this year. “She’s gonna have a baby at the end of the month,” Eden said.

The parade also attracted plenty of house pets. Cash Gately, 9, of Bend, brought his bearded dragon lizard Cornflower, who hitched a ride on Cash’s shoulder. “She just stays here,” Cash said. “I love reptiles.”

Katie Uselman, 27, of Bend, brought her 7-year-old pit bull Larz to the parade for the fourth year in a row.

“He has been coming to the pet parade for the last three years as (a) banana split, and he loves it,” Uselman said. Larz enjoys the attention from people who pet him and snap photos, Uselman said. “He’s a big baby, spoiled rotten.”

Volunteers from Brightside Animal Center also attended the parade with several dogs that need homes, and signs that said “Adopt me.” Volunteer dog walker Terri Anderson, 52, of Redmond, said she brought an Australian shepherd mix named Gilbert who received a lot of attention from parade attendees. “He’s definitely had some training, because he’s super mellow,” Anderson said.

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