By Dylan J. Darling

The Bulletin

A boy has been cited for injuring a Sisters dog with an arrow on Sunday. But now Stewie is on the mend.

As he does every day, Stewie, a 2-year-old pekingese-dachshund mix, went to work with 42-year-old Jeremy Rollins on Tuesday. He missed Monday, though, recuperating at the veterinarian’s office from a 3 1⁄2-hour surgery to remove the arrow from his thigh.

“It hit him right through the thigh muscle,” Rollins said. “He got really lucky it didn’t hit his heart.”

The composite graphite arrow with a field tip stuck in Stewie’s leg and left scratches on his belly but didn’t break a bone or hit any organs. Stewie ran off from Rollins’ home on Hinkle Butte Drive Sunday morning. He returned wounded.

Tuesday night, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office announced that a juvenile boy had been cited for animal abuse. The case was forwarded to the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office.

Stewie’s family was glad the Sheriff’s Office found the alleged shooting culprit.

“Hopefully the kid learns a lesson,” said Tonya Rollins, 30, Jeremy Rollins’ wife.

The cost of the Sunday night surgery to remove the arrow, as well as other veterinary expenses, has already topped $2,000, Jeremy Rollins said Tuesday.

“It’s strangling us in money,” he said, “but he’s worth it.”

Stewie has been with Rollins since he was a tiny puppy.

“I got him when he was just four or five weeks old, and (he fit) in my pocket,” he said.

Last summer, Rollins reopened his family’s auto repair shop, Rollins and Sons Automotive, in Sisters. H e takes Stewie with him to work five days a week.

“He’s a friendly little guy,” Rollins said. “He comes up and says hi.”

A half-dozen people stopped by the shop on Sisters Park Drive Tuesday to check in on Stewie.

From the look of his wound, Rollins said it appears Stewie was running away from the shooter.

Rollins said Stewie ran off when he let his other dogs — a boxer named Daisy and a basset hound named Molly, both 11 — out. Stewie scrambled out with the bigger dogs and then zipped off into a nearby wildlife preserve, apparently following the scent of something.

The Rollinses plan to make some changes, so Stewie won’t run off again.

“We are going to make sure he is fenced or chained up when he goes potty,” Tonya Rollins said.

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