Anniversary: Jim and Ida Winters
Birthday: Marjorie Schieber
Anniversary: James and Cathy Lawgates
Anniversary: John and Judy Brown
Anniversary: Beverley and Dick Patterson
Anniversary: Tom and Michele Jones
Anniversary: Robert and Jenifer Foster
Anniversary: Dan and Lin Neumann
Anniversary: Mauna Sue and Jack Jones
Anniversary: Yvonne and Richard (Dick) Schreiber
Anniversary: Paul and Jean Nolan
Wedding: Leslie Taylor and Sunil
Anniversary: Gail and Muriel Carbiener.
Anniversary: Judith and Michael Lunny,
Anniversary: Dorothy and Robert Sarasin.
Engagement: Amber Shaffer and Andrew Shaw
Birthday: Lottie Flint
Anniversary: Anita and William (Pat) O’Donnell
Anniversary: Roger and Marilyn Fiedler
Wedding: Melanie Knall and Benjamin Harris
Engagement: Jenna Stewart and Nathen Abney
Engagement: Sara Gamboa and Blake Pieren
Anniversary: Richard and Karen Bilyeu
Wedding: Morgan Coats and Custic Wolosin
Anniversary: Ipock
Wedding: Katie Smoldt and Will Crawford
Anniversary: Loren and Sally Irving
Anniversary: Greg and Susan Vernon
Anniversary: John and Judy Ferera
Wedding: Ellen Bakke and Matthew Cotton
Engagement: Ashley Crawford and Bryar Williamson
Wedding: Sara M. Sigala and Erik A. Horgen
Wedding: Maureen Adams-Hegwood and Norman Rogers
Anniversary: Gary and Lisa Davis
Wedding: Catherine Bartolini and Brian Engle