Gardening’s present will always be rooted in the past

Exhibit shows gardening throughout the ages

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Clever organizing products to keep clutter under control

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Spring’s a tentative time for gardening in Central Oregon

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A garden for special-needs kids grows

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Break the rules with these colorful couches

Splurge — or save — on these sofas that can add a much-needed pop of color to your living room

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10 tips for affordable nursery design

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Ask an expert: When should I prune my trees?

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Home design: high standards, low budget

Decorating your home in style doesn’t have to cost a fortune

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Get ready to garden, tips and tricks

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Relaxing in a garden of water-saving succulents

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10 tips for picking the best art

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Revitalize the room where you recharge

Splurge — or save — to spruce up your ‘sanctuary’

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Tips for personalizing your first apartment

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Ask an expert: How to take care of your lawn this spring

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Yards are springing to life

Winter nights are silent. You can go to bed, pull up a warm comforter and … Read more

Restoring raised beds without using dry fertilizers

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Splurge or save: coffee tables

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Designer beds: 6 looks to charm you

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10 tips on using mirrors for design

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How can I avoid wormy apple trees?

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A new angle for interior designs: curves

Rounded edges warm up the modern look

What was straight now curves. What was hard is now soft. There is a big … Read more

Phenology is nature’s calendar

Studying it leads to gardening success

One exciting aspect of gardening is the amount of knowledge we are assimilating without our … Read more

Man spends 30 years making this house his own

SEATTLE — The aged, empty estate had seen better days. Like in 1907, for sure, … Read more

Add beads for garden pizzazz

Glass, ceramic or metal stand up to climate

For me, the obsession began with sparkling rosaries that were so plentiful in my grandparents’ … Read more

Top-tier bar carts for a budget price

Add service sparkle to happy hour

Happy hour at home just got a whole lot chicer, with bar carts popping up … Read more

The key to a well-styled kitchen: storage

Save — or splurge — on these chic fruit bowls, utensil holders and bar carts

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