Three flowers are stinking up the U.S. Botanic Garden

Let the stench frenzy begin. A year after the U.S. Botanic Garden produced a goliath-size … Read more

Transforming office parks into miniature towns

Tenants find conveniences in urban living

From the rooftop terrace of their new townhouse, Keisuke and Idalia Yabe take in their … Read more

Declutter, but don’t toss everything — pass down treasures

Clients will often seek my approval before making a final decision to throw something away, … Read more

Don’t be afraid to think pink in the living room

At first blush, pink might seem like a bold color choice for the living room. … Read more

The hidden world of soil is only beginning to be understood

The gardener has a long, touchy-feely relationship with the soil. As every good cultivator knows, … Read more

Garden tour offers landscaping insights, tips

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Turn old junk into Pinterest-worthy gems

Summer is a hard time for me to think about decorating; I mostly turn my … Read more

Muted-down tones, monochrome, beige take the stage for 2017

Following trends can be dangerous in home decor, where rooms are designed to last decades, … Read more

Let your walls talk with patterns

Prints and patterns are the new white, at least when it comes to walls, Washington … Read more

Unusual plants help a Maryland family nursery thrive

At some point in a gardener’s life, you realize that you will never have enough … Read more

This soap is dope

These hand soaps are the best, according to a chef, an artist, a dermatologist and more

There’s a time and a place for getting your hands dirty: cleaning the house, working … Read more

New research shows vinegar can help plants survive drought

A warming climate brings increased risk of droughts for California and a need for more … Read more

3 ways to make it easier to work from home

These gadgets can help ramp up your productivity when working from home

There are a lot of perks to working from home, but one of the drawbacks … Read more

Haskaps could be the next blueberry

OSU Extension testing berry plants for growing in Central Oregon

Summer berry jams are the ultimate gift in my opinion. Last summer, I was gifted … Read more

Tired of mulching? The pros have a different idea

Sedges are grasslike plants best described as green and tufty. They may be the dullest-looking … Read more

A cool color that’s getting hotter

Nina Bruun is a Copenhagen-based designer who works in trend forecasting. Color is always on … Read more

Add dimension with glass pieces

When designers look to infuse color into a space, glass isn’t typically their first choice. … Read more

How gardening can help build healthier, happier kids

When our cherry tomatoes blush red each summer, my son eagerly plucks them from the … Read more

Allergens and indoor air quality: 4 steps to a healthier home

When at home, you’re probably relaxing, playing with the kids or tackling chores. What you … Read more

The art of wallpaper

Instead of hanging art, use wallpaper as its own statement piece

A designer friend once told me that she typically hangs her client’s best artwork in … Read more

Why do my tomato plants look sick?

Q: What is wrong with my tomato plants? The leaves look funny? A: The distorted … Read more

‘Pretty Tough Plants’ offers gardening tips, ideas

Find more inspiration by joining the High Desert Garden Tour on July 22

Plant sales and garden tours are the social and educational events of the summer. For … Read more

Pruner recounts sharpening her skills in Japan

Deft pruning will make a plant more handsome but is done principally for practical reasons … Read more

Fitting 40 pieces of art in a basement apartment

When George Dant decided to downsize, he didn't go far from home. He moved from … Read more

Experts recommend top trash cans

At its most basic level, a trash can “has to work,” says Julie Carlson, founder … Read more

The spark your space is missing

Sometimes an unexpected, eye-catching piece can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. Designer Patrick … Read more

Bring the man cave into the light with these ideas

While the dark, dingy man cave with the mismatched recliners has gone the way of … Read more

Cosmos are an easy, colorful flower to grow

A research paper on the cosmos flower stated: “The No. 1 reason everyone should grow … Read more

How to prepare for an estate sale

When a loved one passes on, there are a number of financial aspects that need … Read more

Why the shade garden is so underrated

Shade gathers from year to year in the garden like the wrinkles on your face, … Read more

Splurge or save: chinoiserie — fun, colorful designs

“Chinoiserie has stood the test of time” and “is as relevant now as it was … Read more

The 7 keys to making your foyer five star-worthy

Your foyer is the first and last thing you see when walking through your front … Read more

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