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Landscaping with wildlife in mind

Finding the right approach to keep animals from terrorizing your garden is no easy feat

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What’s the worm-like thing eating my purple-leaf plum?

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Keep your half-drunk wine fresh. Put a (stylish) cork in it.

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Japanese flower boom introduces a mega-weed

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Design trend: Form and function make room for fun

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A wise word about water-wise gardening

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Why aren’t my tomatoes ripening this summer?

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Three flowers are stinking up the U.S. Botanic Garden

Let the stench frenzy begin. A year after the U.S. Botanic Garden produced a goliath-size … Read more

Transforming office parks into miniature towns

Tenants find conveniences in urban living

From the rooftop terrace of their new townhouse, Keisuke and Idalia Yabe take in their … Read more

Declutter, but don’t toss everything — pass down treasures

Clients will often seek my approval before making a final decision to throw something away, … Read more

Don’t be afraid to think pink in the living room

At first blush, pink might seem like a bold color choice for the living room. … Read more

The hidden world of soil is only beginning to be understood

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Garden tour offers landscaping insights, tips

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Turn old junk into Pinterest-worthy gems

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Muted-down tones, monochrome, beige take the stage for 2017

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Let your walls talk with patterns

Prints and patterns are the new white, at least when it comes to walls, Washington … Read more

Unusual plants help a Maryland family nursery thrive

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This soap is dope

These hand soaps are the best, according to a chef, an artist, a dermatologist and more

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New research shows vinegar can help plants survive drought

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3 ways to make it easier to work from home

These gadgets can help ramp up your productivity when working from home

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Haskaps could be the next blueberry

OSU Extension testing berry plants for growing in Central Oregon

Summer berry jams are the ultimate gift in my opinion. Last summer, I was gifted … Read more

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