Chocolate milk does not come from brown cows?

Millions of Americans believe it does; food groups fight misconceptions

Seven percent of all American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according … Read more

New Bend restaurant serves up authentic Indian food

From a food-cart start to a full restaurant, Mantra Indian Kitchen offers diners bold dishes in a casual setting that honors the owners’ roots

Central Oregon is home to a wide variety of cuisines with a bustling food-truck scene … Read more

Food inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections Highest scoring Bend-O-Bento Japanese Kitchen: 100 Tumble Inn Tavern: 100 KFC … Read more

This robust salad is fit for a full meal

A Big Salad is a modern solution to the home cook’s eternal question: How can … Read more

‘Modern Mexican’ steps into the spotlight

TULUM, Mexico — Rosio Sánchez, a Mexican-American chef who lives in Copenhagen, makes the best … Read more

What’s new in the Supermarket?

Stores adapt to our shopping habits

NUTLEY, N.J. — “We’ve come in the back door,” writer Michael Ruhlman said as we … Read more

New wedding trends hit Central Oregon’s food scene

The High Desert has become a hot spot for weddings

Bend’s wedding scene is a bustling one. The well-regarded food scene, a variety of DJs … Read more

Tasty sauce makes a difference with simple veggie dish

Apologies to the Beatles, but in the kitchen, all you need is sauce. Vinaigrettes for … Read more

Restaurant inspections

Deschutes County Restaurant inspections Highest scoring Checker’s Pub: 100 Subway (Simpson Avenue): 100 King Buffet: … Read more

Embracing the challenge of perfect phyllo

You think you’re pretty good at something until you meet someone who has been doing … Read more

Meal delivery services catching on in Bend

Meal delivery services are catching on in Bend

While crafting a delicious meal can be satisfying, it rarely saves time and energy. Planning … Read more

Restaurant inspections

Deschutes County Restaurant inspections Highest scoring Bend Mountain Cafe: 100 Old Mill Stadium 16: 100 … Read more

American brandy is surging, even in whiskey country

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Three years ago, Joe Heron, a pharmaceutical executive turned beverage-industry entrepreneur, moved … Read more

Three ways to make fresh asparagus shine

How much new information can I offer about asparagus, a vegetable with which I am … Read more

Authentic Japanese food, Central Oregon has it

Some dishes truer to tradition than expected

Eating ethnic cuisine can lead a diner to wonder: How authentic is this food? Unless … Read more

Quesadillas: go from good to great

Who needs a recipe for a quesadilla? Grab a flour tortilla, pile on shredded cheese … Read more

It’s spring, so let’s build a bountiful brunch

Brunch, like macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, is one of the best … Read more

When a book is a gift, ingredients a bonus

Cookbook author Chitra Agrawal joined the Washington Post Food staff to answer questions from readers. … Read more

Bend’s Foodie Crawl feeds the hungry

Fundraiser in its sixth year

Bend’s Foodie Crawl starts the same way every year: Dozens of excited food lovers stand … Read more

Cut down on food waste with these tips

Bonus: save money in the process

The numbers are as shocking as they are appalling. At a time when 1 in … Read more

Easter lamb and ham, scaled to suit

The Easter table’s main attractions — lamb by the leg, ham bigger than a diver’s … Read more

Clay-oven cooking is Bend food truck’s niche

Scoutpost crafts clay oven meats, sandwiches and pastry

Scoutpost chef Will Forbes squirts olive oil on a nearby countertop and kneads a ball … Read more

Make macaroni and cheese from scratch

If your household includes children, you likely lost count long ago of the number of … Read more

Potatoes, herbs make perfect pair

Potatoes never go out of style, and nor do herbs. So when they are combined, … Read more

Is it possible to save pho that was taken over by soggy noodles?

Food writer Emily Horton joined The Washington Post Food staff to answer questions from readers. … Read more

Central Oregon farmers and chefs team up for dinners

Meet Your Farmer dinners bring farmers, restaurants and community together

White ceramic plates filled with precisely plated Korean barbecue pork, seared miso-glazed kale and fingerling … Read more

A pastry for those who prefer savory to sweet

Boreks bring back the flavor of Istanbul

When I want a satisfying snack, more often than not I opt for something salty, … Read more

Rediscover black bean soup with good garnish

Read the secret to making soup that’s not sludgy

Start asking food people how to make the best black bean soup, and all roads … Read more

Sometimes, it's OK to ‘dirty up’ your clean eating

I understand why people gravitate toward the term “clean eating.” It’s an appealing way to … Read more

Low-sodium diet can be tasty with new recipes

Substitutes: Try lemon juice, garlic and balsamic vinegar

The doctor says you have to lower your sodium. It’s stunning news. After all, salt … Read more

Perennial pick for 2017 is roses

Growing flower in High Desert is tough, doable

The National Garden Bureau in cooperation with the American Rose Society have chosen the rose … Read more

A recipe to make you mad about madeleines

I promised myself that I wouldn't mention Marcel Proust, but there was no way around … Read more

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