Summer 2017 shoe trends: Flat and fancy — and some fur

The world is flat and fancy when it comes to shoes this summer. Strappy, sky-high … Read more

Fashion week has a dirty little secret: laundry

PARIS — Past the plush Napoleon III sofas, through a forest of orchids and under … Read more

Two-tone watches are a hit with young buyers

As a sports superstar and fashion avatar, David Beckham has done his part to infuse … Read more

Lessons learned from the great male skirt rebellion of 2017

Dress codes have been much in the news recently, largely because of the way the … Read more

Can a fake tan make you look thinner?

Rather than roast in the sun, and in all likelihood bring on sun damage, sun … Read more

The best of the London Fashion Week Men’s

Designers took to their looks to make political statements

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Defining those mysterious makeup words

Beauty has a language all its own. Special lingo comes with every special interest, of … Read more

Leather jackets you’ll wear for the next 5 years

One classic wardrobe staple that belongs in every woman’s closet is the leather jacket. The … Read more

Rihanna dominates fashion scene

On Monday night, late in the program for the 69th annual benefit and student fashion … Read more

This is high season for hats (and hatmakers)

NEW YORK — Sitting outside Ellen Christine Millinery in West SoHo in Manhattan is a … Read more

Minnesota designers fueling feminist T-shirt craze

MINNEAPOLIS — The messages are strong and sometimes funny. One is feisty; another is in … Read more

What to buy at Sephora if you only have $20

Sephora is a magical place where you can find any beauty product you’ve ever wanted … Read more

The best under-$100 swimwear

A couple weeks ago, before packing for a trip I’d already gone over-budget on, I … Read more

Revitalize the room where you recharge

Splurge — or save — to spruce up your ‘sanctuary’

Paloma Contreras, an interior decorator and design blogger, is redesigning the master bedroom of her … Read more

For new professional look, buy less - but buy better

Congratulations on your graduation. Your professional life awaits. That includes impressing a new boss, controlling … Read more

Rei Kawakubo changed the way we think about clothes

Are you daring enough to wear her?

NEW YORK — At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is a stretchy gingham top … Read more

Makeup you didn’t know you needed

Some of what’s new on beauty counters are products that, chances are, you never thought … Read more

MM.LaFleur wants to dress you for the office

It’s a tough moment to be a woman shopping for business attire. As the “athleisure” … Read more

Add festival season to the fashion calendar

The latest make-it-up-as-you-go fashion moment

Barbie Ferreira is 20 — not too young, it would seem, to feel nostalgia for … Read more

Latest fashion trend is anti-skin

Long sleeves, long skirts and suits trending

It is a truism of the history of dress that decade-defining looks generally don’t congeal … Read more

Sizeless clothes help women recover from food disorders

Garment Project aids transition to daily routine

PITTSBURGH — An outfit that fits just right has the potential to empower. But the … Read more

Going (nearly) bare for a good cause

NEW YORK — “You’re always waiting for the day when what we do isn’t necessary … Read more

East Coast artist uses heat-sensitive paint to decorate shoes

Footwear changes colors based on temps

RALEIGH , N.C. — Shoes — sneakers, cleats, slip-ons — serve as a canvas for … Read more

How can fashion represent America in 2017?

NEW YORK — The last show here for the fall 2017 season was mounted last … Read more

Shouldering the suit jacket

Right fit makes all the difference

Do you ever feel, gentlemen, that you’ve got the weight of the world on your … Read more

Fashion world working to woo millenials

Effort could mean lower-cost high fashion

PARIS — Fashion, like most everything else, is now seeking to please the millennials — … Read more

Bouffants and silver boots are on fashion rerun

Chanel rockets back to the early Space Age

PARIS — Karl Lagerfeld is a showman, a provocateur, a man of the social media … Read more

Fiber Arts Symposium returns

SOQS event enters second year

Fiber Arts Symposium returns — Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show will hold its second annual High … Read more

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