By Marc Morrone


Q: Our 3-year-old boxer is a great dog, but she has always had a “ripe” odor about her, and her fur feels greasy. We give her a bath as often as we can, but the nice smell lasts only a day or so, and then she gets stinky again. What can we do to keep her odor down? It’s embarrassing when we have guests, and people even notice it when we take her for a walk.

A: It sounds like a medical issue. Your dog may have impacted anal glands or a bad tooth causing the smell. If the tooth is infected and causing the dog’s saliva to become smelly and the dog licks herself, then that odor will be all over her fur. A quick fix is to rub dry cornstarch in the dog’s coat. It will get rid of the greasy feel and absorb the odor somewhat. But a trip to the vet is in order here.