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Anytime is a wonderful time to read, discover and explore great picture books. The library is continuously adding fabulous new titles and here are a few stand-outs.

“Nest” by Jorey Hurley

This is Hurley’s first book, and it is an illustrative and narrative delight. The life cycle of a robin is charmingly recorded with a text of only 14 words. The illustrations, while deceptively simple, extend the text and allow the reader to discover even more about these birds and the nature of family itself.

“Meanwhile Back At the Ranch” by Anne Isaacs

Isaacs is known for her rootin’ tootin’ tall-tale picture books, and this is another wonderful notch in her belt. When the Widow Jones of England inherits $35 million and the By-Golly Ranch in Texas, she promptly moves there with her three servants and 12 tortoises to find some peace and quiet. Peace is not to be enjoyed for very long when 1,000 unmarried men arrive at the ranch looking to reap those 35 million rewards by marrying the widow. Hilarity ensues as she is bound and determined to get rid of her suitors once and for all. Illustrator Kevin Hawkes joins in the fun and pumps up the hyperbole with relish.

“Say Hello Like This” by Mary Murphy

Saying hello has never been sweeter than in this book. Pairs of animals say hello in their own unique ways, and readers may join in the fun by guessing before turning the flap and finding out if they were correct. The illustrations are comic, expressive and endearing.

“Time For Bed, Fred!” by Yasmeen Ismail

In another first book, Fred the dog is very reluctant to go to bed and does everything in his power to avoid the inevitable. Fred’s owner narrates the trials and tribulations of chasing the dog out into the garden, giving him a bath, chasing him once more outside, reading just one story, etc. Does this sound slightly familiar? Ismail’s illustrations remind the reader of Chris Raschka’s style but she brings her own wonderful flavor and palette.

— Recommendations from Cheryl Weems, Collection Development Librarian Youth Services for the Deschutes Public Library