Mix your vodka with orange juice and enjoy a screwdriver. Or mix your vodka with grapefruit juice for a greyhound. Whatever. Just mix some booze with something citrus-y and close your eyes real tight and — BOOM! — you’re in Florida. If that doesn’t work, put a little umbrella in something fruity and then nail plywood over your windows.

Eat: Key Lime PIE

South Florida has lots of yummy regional delicacies worth exploring: Cuban sandwiches, Floribbean slaw, fried gator. But Gainesville is a long way from South Florida, both geographically and culinarily. So if you can’t find some alligator tail to fry up to honor the Gators’ 30 wins in a row, just go with Key lime pie. Because it’s your party. And your party needs pie.

Two months ago, you likely threw a Super Bowl party. You might’ve even offered some food and beverages themed around the participating teams and/or their home cities.

So why not do the same Saturday for men’s college basketball’s Final Four? The games begin at 3 p.m., they’ll last well past dinner time, and they offer twice as many culinary (and booze-inary) regions to draw from.

Below are ideas for drinks and eats from the homes of the last four hoops squads standing.

— Ben Salmon