It’s Valentine’s Day, and chances are you’re as forgetful as the rest of us here in Central Oregon. In a last minute scramble, what can you grab that ensures romance? Wine. We say wine.

Naked Winery, located at 330 S.W. Powerhouse Drive (Suite 110) in Bend, has a perfectly titled selection for whatever you have planned, or not planned, this evening, be it red or white, dinner or dessert. Becky Williams, whose job title is “secret weapon” at Naked, gave us some recommendations. So turn down the lights and uncork a bottle of love, but beware, we can’t be held responsible for whatever happens next.

1. Penetration Cabernet

One of the most popular wines at Naked, this oaky red is best paired with “a roaring fire, on a bearskin rug while sharing a dessert of rich dark chocolate.” If that doesn’t say romance, what does?

2. Climax Red Blend

Five flavorful red varietals come together in this blend to create a wine with subtle berry hints. Williams suggests pairing this with a slow dance in the kitchen “by the light of the refrigerator.”

3. Foreplay Chardonnay

Try starting the night with this sweet white. Showcasing notes of apple and a crisp finish, it pairs well with “pungent cheeses, any seafood or Asian cuisine” but also works well on its own.

4. Cougar Semi-Sparkling White

Slightly bubbly and tropically sweet, this wine is perfect poured over muddled raspberries and served in a flute. Or try making a “Cougarmosa” for breakfast in bed by adding a splash of orange juice, suggests Williams.

5. Oh! Orgasmic Sangiovese

This big red, with hints of berry, will carry you straight from dinner to a dessert of chocolate covered strawberries. That is, if you have time to pick those up, too.

­­— Sophie Wilkins