Anniversary: Elaine and Ralph Berry
Wedding: Kasi Wheatley and Kylor Snook
Anniversary: Robert and Patricia Greene

Birthday: Marion Field
Anniversary: Bill and Betty Lallman
Wedding: Sarah Roshak and Luke Frauenholtz
Anniversary: Dan and Carrie McCullough
Engagement: Harati-Hjeresen
Engagement: Ben Bushnell and Andrea Duke
Engagement: Elliot Dobkin and Krista Jensen
Engagement: Derek Francis and Shasta MacFarland
Wedding: Luke Johnson and Kristin Rivera
Wedding: Jason Leistad and Maria Zink
Wedding: Anthony Cooper and Erin Zurflu
Wedding: George Gvakharia and Keely L. Wright
Wedding: Joseph Moeller and Morgan Nipper
Engagement: Jason O’Connor and Kerisha Carpenter
Engagement: Ryan Seiffert and Kaitlyn Rabaey
Engagement: Sheila Miller and Scot Eliott
Marriage: Allie Phillips and Nick Moe
Engagement: Nicole Madison and Curtis Baney
Anniversary: Frank and Jan Baldwin
Engagement: Jenna Coats and Brad Libolt
Anniversary: Dave and Barb Heagy
Engagement: Sara Andre and Alec Pacheco
Engagement: Brittany Bailey and Bradley Andre Jr.
Anniversary: Fred and Shirley Dexter
Anniversary: Mike and Sandie Gallagher
Engagement: Nathan Penny and Cindy Edgerly
Anniversary: Bob and Jean Keffer
Engagement: Niki Patel and Amit Patel
Marriage: Briana Layton and Glade Snyder
Engagement: Erik Horegn and Sara Sigala