Anniversary: James and Annis Henson
Anniversary: Jack and Clara Lewis
Anniversary: Ken and Paula Marks
Marriage: Ashley Rowswell and Erik Siefken
Wedding: Allison Cramer and Timothy Neumann
Anniversary: Wally and Rosemary Boe
Anniversary: Kenneth and Joyce Wilder
Anniversary: William and Susan McCampbell
Anniversary: Chet and Betty Ramsey
Anniversary: Keith and Beverly Haworth
Birthday: Marion Field
Anniversary: Herbert and Donna Hansen
Marriage: McKinley Adkins and Isaac Boggess
Anniversary: Greg and Mary Petsch
Anniversary: Don and Deb Bruce
Anniversary: Del and Donna Sanford
Anniversary: Norm and Janice Stowell
Anniversary: Harold and Virginia Meyers
Engagement: Emily Erwin and Andrew Fitch
Anniversary: Dave and Leslie Houston
Anniversary: Jeff and Karyn Simonton
Anniversary: Kim and David MacKenzie
Engagement: Heidi Wood and Hugh Harris
Engagement: Brenda Miner and Scott Flynn
Anniversary: Eldon and Donna Thorsen
Anniversary: Bill and Donna McGourin
Birthday: Don Johnson
Anniversary: Gerdes
Marriage: Steiert — Rowan
Anniversary: Oliver
Anniversary: Gary and Ruby (Atkinson) Ward
Anniversary: Bob and Connie Stratton
Engagement: Emmaline Smith and Rodolfo Mota-Ramos
Wedding: Kelsey Briggs and Robert Donakey
Birthday: Margeurite Redmond