Wedding: Jared and Brea Frost
Wedding: Meagan and Benjamin Cranson
Anniversary: David and Charlene Blahnik
Wedding: Petersen—Torres
Engagement: Jordyn McPhetridge and Dillon Russell
Anniversary: Bill and Zoe (O’Rourke) Willitts
Anniversary: David and Joyce (Justus) Place
Anniversary: Thomas and Bettie Bessonette
Anniversary: David and Carolyn Alex
Anniversary: John and Linda Phillips
Anniversary: Ray and Jackie Haworth
Anniversary: Steve and Beth Pengra
Marriage: Jamie Cundiff and Jeffrey Werner
Anniversary: Kirk and Sherri Bashore
Marriage: Kaitlin Roberts and Landon Moore
Marriage: Alicia Hamilton and David MacKenzie
Marriage: Ellyn McCurdy and Bradley Waler
Anniversary: Pete and Barbara Stoefen
Anniversary: Dale and Laurie Luoma
Anniversary: Jim and Dee Zimmerlee
Anniversary: Bill and Lois Shelley
Anniversary: William and Lorchid Macri
Engagement: Rachel Grossman and Eric Colton
Anniversary: Michael and Susan Foster
Anniversary: Andrew and Margie Untermeyer
Engagement: Lily Scott and David Trager
Anniversary: Frank and Georgia Borowinski
Engagement: Kelli Neumann and Jason Benza
Birthday: Dorothy Sears
Wedding: Andrew Chase and Claire Turpel
Anniversary: James and Annis Henson
Anniversary: Jack and Clara Lewis
Anniversary: Ken and Paula Marks
Marriage: Ashley Rowswell and Erik Siefken
Wedding: Allison Cramer and Timothy Neumann