Four nuns form a band, and yes, it’s called Force of Habit

Subversive cross stitchers ‘Crosstitutes’ break the mold

Cross-stitch crew champions feminism

Cats doing yoga minus the downward-facing dog

Religious services

Religion listings

Adopt me

Adoptable pet of the week

Tips for Parents

How to make your kid’s art last forever


Women make wedding gowns into outfits for infants at the end of life

TV spotlight

Familiar, if surprising, face for ‘OITNB’ fans

Quesadillas: go from good to great

Authentic Japanese food, Central Oregon has it

Makeup you didn’t know you needed

MM.LaFleur wants to dress you for the office

Host with the Most

It’s spring, so let’s build a bountiful brunch

Food Q&A

When a book is a gift, ingredients a bonus

Mother-Daughter Look-alikes

Think you look like your mom? Show us

Bozeman is a hub for exploration

10 things worth buying on a frugal trip

Best roadside eats between San Francisco and Santa Barbara

Best hotels between San Francisco and Santa Barbara

Goodbye to ‘Girls,’ but not to women behind it

Goodbye, Norman. It has been a twisted ride

A new Declaration gives insight into a divided nation

Featured obituary

Talent agent Sandy Gallin guided careers of stars

A dystopian and timely what-if tale

Celebrate Earth Day in Bend by buying local

Children’s novel

Consider reading ‘Me and Marvin Gardens’ to honor Earth Day

Adopt me

Adoptable pet of the week

Religious Services

Religion listings


Can we understand the mysterious mind of a cat?

‘Janesville’ follows resilience of factory town after plant shutdown

Rock Hall finally says yes to Yes

Parents’ Guide to Movies

TV spotlight“Girlboss” Streaming starting Friday on Netflix

With ‘Girlboss,’ Netflix embraces a Nasty Gal

New research

Study: Antidepressant use during pregnancy doesn’t increase risks


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