Local runners participate in pioneering ‘maximal’ shoe study

‘Maximal’ running shoes — hyped or helpful?

Running may seem like a no-frills alternative to elaborate, gear-heavy activities, such as cycling or, … Read more

Adoptable pet of the week

Reptar Reptar is a calm, confident and outgoing 6-year-old feline who enjoys walking on a … Read more

Restaurant review: Kebaba

Authentic Middle Eastern flavor on Bend’s west side

To speak of Middle Eastern cuisine is to say a mouthful. So when a server … Read more

Insect hotels harbor helpful pollinators

Garden sanctuaries for bees, ladybugs encourage bugs affected by pesticides

At a recent gardener gab-fest, the conversation turned enthusiastically to “insect hotels.” I was not … Read more

How to find the right lightbulbs

Knowing lighting measurements like lumens, kelvins will provide answers

Technology transforms lighting design at lightning speed, yet there is still no bigger bang-for-the-buck upgrade … Read more

Pro tips to organize your home

Purge, arrange, post to Instagram

If you’re a borderline hoarder with serious home organization issues in desperate need of professional … Read more

How to resolve conflicts in a garden of succulents

Arid zone plants stab their neighbors to death. It’s an adaptation to limited water by … Read more

Splurge or save: Bring dining style to small spaces

Dining rooms are a luxury that small-space dwellers often can’t afford. But a compact dining … Read more

This way to Carnegie Hall

Step inside New York’s storied concert venue, where beautiful music and stirring history ring out

NEW YORK — Tine Thing Helseth, a 30-year-old Norwegian trumpeter, had just made her Carnegie … Read more

Restaurant Review: Applebee’s

The Redmond Applebee’s is like so many others

Applebee’s is one of those restaurant chains that lures clientele with its predictability. If you’ve … Read more

Bend middle school art project brings students and elders together

Students sketched portraits of Cascades of Bend Assisted Living residents

High Desert Middle School eighth-grader Morgan Enger approached June Miller with a timid gait in … Read more

Adoptable pet of the week

Nikki Nikki is a 3-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix. She does well with people, but can … Read more

6 travel gadgets to pack in a carry-on

Traveling brings challenges maddening and mundane: fees for overweight suitcases, tight fits in overhead bins, … Read more

Anniversary: Yvonne and Denny Drury

Drury Yvonne and Denny Drury, of Bend, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with an … Read more

What’s not to love about a carousel?

For a charming mix of music, whimsy and history, here are five scattered across the … Read more

Chill out or be chilled in St. Augustine, Florida, after dark

Hair standing up on the back of the neck? Check. Chill running down spine? Check. … Read more

Man proposes to girlfriend in Tribune ‘Jumble’ puzzle

EVANSTON, Ill. — When Aly Jiwani began to consider taking the next step with his … Read more

When to say when: Study says limit alcohol to 1 drink per day

NEW YORK — Here’s some sobering news: A large international study says adults should average … Read more

OSU-Cascades’ chef crafts healthy, gourmet menus

Gone are the days of sliding a tray along a metal rack in a cafeteria … Read more

Style, travel experts recommend the best umbrellas

Buying an umbrella is like buying a pair of shoes, says Bella Umbrella owner Jodell … Read more

Most recent restaurant inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections Highest scoring Subway (Bend-North): 100 Salud Raw Foods: 100 Lone Pine … Read more

Designer stripped the frills from wedding dresses

Every year, the bridal industry unveils fresh collections of wedding gowns and a breathless list … Read more

Make mornings easier; try a 5-minute, mess-free oatmeal bowl

Usually, I am all about cooking shortcuts. But for the longest time, I insisted on … Read more

Destination Detroit

During the early 20th century, ornate buildings sprouted across the city, largely because of the ingenuity of Albert Kahn

On a recent trip to Detroit, I did the one thing that I would never … Read more

Destinations abound in Europe to avoid crowds this summer

Long lines waiting to get into a historical sight, crowded sidewalks that are hard to … Read more

‘Black Panther’ fans can find glimpses of Wakanda in Africa

JOHANNESBURG — Want to go to Wakanda? The blockbuster success of “Black Panther” has created … Read more

In Virginia, Henry’s ‘Give me liberty or give me death!’ lives on

I knew Patrick Henry gave the famous “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech … Read more

Central Oregon support groups

The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated … Read more

By slowing you down, suit simulates aging process

Bend company tries out suit that simulates vision and movement constraints elderly customers face

Ben Smith’s body ached. His vision was yellowed and farsighted. He hunched as he walked … Read more

Oregon sweethearts piece together dream home after 3 decades apart

Some burglar somewhere owes Susan Headlee a bike. Hers was swiped in the early 1970s, … Read more

Adoptable pet of the week

Pecan and Cashew Pecan and Cashew are 2 1/2-month old bunnies who would love to … Read more

Many Americans try retirement, then change their minds

Sue Ellen King had circled her retirement date on the calendar: March 8, 2015. She … Read more

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