Fall a great time for golf in San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Summer sends vacationers flocking to the San Diego area, many of them … Read more

A frugal fishing trip to Washington and Idaho

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene offer fishing and feasting without breaking the bank

The fishing rod on the starboard aft side (or back corner — I was proud … Read more

In Europe and Canada, classic hotels get new looks

In 1832 when Adare Manor in rural County Limerick in the west of Ireland was … Read more

Hotels that bring sports fans close to their teams

A number of new hotels aim to allow fans to stay close to their favorite … Read more

A vacation with technology in tow

Forget just taking pictures with your phone’s camera — there are far more creative ways … Read more

In the Kingdom of Tonga, underwater wonders and Polynesian hospitality

As I stepped off the little boat after 48 hours of travel, I felt a … Read more

Repairing a nation, stitch by stitch

Quilters aim to instill patriotic pride in citizens of a divided nation

The American flag appears to be waving in a slight breeze, its stars and stripes … Read more

Can you weave a frightful tale? Enter The Bulletin’s Halloween Fiction Contest

Feeling spooky? Do your spooky stories keep your friends at rapt attention around a campfire? … Read more

Religion Listings

To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email calendar@bendbulletin.com or call 541-633-2117. Services … Read more

Adoptable pet of the week

Thelma Thelma is a 1-year-old domestic Guinea pig who was brought to the Humane Society … Read more

Restaurant review: Planker Sandwiches

The downtown restaurant is reliable choice for breakfast and lunch

The Planker is a breakfast sandwich. And oh, what a sandwich it is. Stacked between … Read more

Bulb season has arrived

Plant now for spring blooms

Gardeners have a reputation for being the ultimate optimists. As one season starts to fade, … Read more

Are ponderosa pine needles bad for soil, plants?

Q: Do ponderosa pine needles make the soil more acidic? A: It’s one of the … Read more

Armchairs to add style and color to any space

Whether it’s a cozy reading nook or a lullaby chair in a nursery, armchairs are … Read more

Don’t let your home’s infrastructure crumble

It’s no secret that U.S. infrastructure is crumbling, but is your home’s infrastructure in good … Read more

A cleaning expert organizes her space in 20 minutes

Like clockwork, the turn of the season always has us thinking about our homes and … Read more

Here’s how to choose the right neighborhood for you

How will you know you’ve found the right home to purchase? It’s when you love … Read more

How to dry late summer leaves, flowers

Drying the late summer leaves and flowers for winter use was a skill used by … Read more

New historic carousel spikes tourism in Albany

The Willamette Valley city comes around ... and around

ALBANY — It takes a visitor one ride on Albany Historic Carousel’s Harriette the Frog … Read more

Wedding: Cian Bouma and Monte Van Tassel

Bouma — Van Tassel Cian Bouma and Monte Van Tassel, both of Portland, were married … Read more

Anniversary: Lori and Peter King

King Lori and Peter King, of Bend, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. The couple were … Read more

Is Vermont becoming the Napa Valley of beer?

My brother Tyler and I have driven over 400 miles to Vermont to stand in … Read more

Add these places to your bucket list

Plenty of travelers have bucket lists that are more often than not peppered with iconic … Read more

Circumnavigating Manhattan in a kayak: a paddler’s perspective

The Hudson River has always seemed like a trench filled with water, its bottom a … Read more

Inside Los Angeles’ PetSpace: An animal shelter like no other

Along with caring for animals, the center conducts research

LOS ANGELES — Don’t forget to look up as you enter the new Annenberg PetSpace: … Read more

Central Oregon support groups

The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated … Read more

To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email calendar@bendbulletin.com or call 541-633-2117. Services … Read more

Adoptable pet of the week

Nala Nala is a very sweet and affectionate girl with a princess personality — she … Read more

Oddball news: nude cyclists, a Carrie Fisher maze and more

Naked cyclists ride through Philadelphia’s streets PHILADELPHIA — And they’re off — the Philadelphia bicyclists … Read more

Restaurant review: Madaline’s Grill

At 15, Redmond institution still serves solid Mexican and American cuisine

To understand how long Madaline’s Grill has been a fixture in Redmond, one need only … Read more

Plant-based desserts

Area vegans enjoy locally made treats

Flipping through the pages of Ina Garten’s “Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?” or Irma … Read more

Restaurant inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections Highest scoring The Rocket Coffee Co.: 100 New York City Sub … Read more

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