Heading home to Hawaii, in search of poke

HONOLULU — I can’t remember the first time I tasted poke, because in Hawaii, where … Read more

Puff pastry can power up your party appetizers

If your parties can use a lift, reach for some puff pastry. The dough, which … Read more

North Carolina clothing line supports state’s textile industry

Growing up in North Carolina, Kat Williford understood the importance of the textile industry to … Read more

Most recent restaurant inspections

Deschutes County restaurant inspections Highest scoring McDonald’s (Sisters): 100 Taco Bell (La Pine): 100 Portello … Read more

8 cutest small towns in the Midwest

The Midwest is a big, beautiful place with an unfair reputation for being, well, boring. … Read more

Discover the magic of Edinburgh, Scotland

The doors of the Airlink 100 bus from Edinburgh airport hissed open at what we … Read more

Stalking an elusive YouTube star: The ‘adorkable’ red panda

Giant pandas are cute, sure, but not half as cute as their petite cousins, the … Read more

On Alcatraz, the island’s erstwhile prison gardens are still in bloom

Alcatraz, the forlorn island in San Francisco Bay, is known for the hard-bitten men whose … Read more

Nonprofit creates special places for kids with cancer

Special Spaces transforms their bedrooms for happiness and improved health

ST. LOUIS — Christmas Day marked exactly one year since Auggie Powers, 4, was diagnosed … Read more

Meet Pierre, the adoptable pet of the week

Pierre Pierre is a mellow, loving 10-year-old senior seeking a stable, quiet home. This sweet … Read more

Restaurant review: Silver Moon Brewing

Renovated brewpub has upgraded on every level

As long as the food is good, nothing will stop me from returning to a … Read more

Central Oregon eateries, at a glance

Food critic John Gottberg Anderson’s reviews of Central Oregon eateries, at a glance … Read more

Award winning flowers and vegetables fit for Central Oregon

The garden catalogs are starting to stack up. That’s a good indication that it is … Read more

Tiny homes allow escape from the humdrum of life

To commune with ourselves, we trek two hours to Stanardsville, a town on the edge … Read more

Speed Queen washing machines are still a dream

This week I will begin with a product highlight, featuring an appliance I have come … Read more

Horsetails have been around since before dinosaurs

Create the effect of having your guests think water is nearby

It was the most important wild plant for pioneers settling the West by wagon. The … Read more

9 quick ways to make your house feel cleaner

One of the main reasons we put off cleaning is because it feels like an … Read more

Home design trends to watch for in 2018

New Year’s has come and gone, and while you decided on your annual resolutions, the … Read more

It’s the teapot

The vessel for brewing tea has the biggest impact on the experience

Tea is so much more than the drink. Tea is an experience, visual, sensory, spiritual, … Read more

free fun in Austin has no limits

Or maybe the limit is 10? Here’s a round number of the best cost-free things to do deep in the heart of Texas

Over recent years, Texas’ capital city has become one of the most popular tourist spots … Read more

Making the most of a trip to wine country

Wine-producing regions like Tuscany and Napa Valley already make for enjoyable vacation destinations, but with … Read more

Best in snow

These ski destinations were recently chosen as the top 10 on the West Coast

Forget “best in show.” Liftopia, the lift ticket website, just announced its “best in snow” … Read more

Nature first: A trip through ‘Central America’s safest’

TURRIALBA, Costa Rica — It was 6:01 a.m. when we heard them barking, an insistent … Read more

Haven’t you heard? It’s hip to play Dungeons & Dragons

To all appearances, Emma Aprea is a tattooed and pierced 24-year-old, a bartender and freelance … Read more

15 awesome college care package ideas

Could college days be remembered fondly without the inclusion of care packages from loved ones? … Read more

Chef Darrin Hauser resurfaces at Bend Golf & Country Club

Private to public with glitches

The best thing about enjoying dinners in the Bend Golf & Country Club’s Cascade Room … Read more

Who wins biggest in tax law: big or small breweries?

Tucked inside the tax package is a big tax cut for beer breweries — as … Read more

Going galactic: Fashion taking inspiration from space

If anyone can restore proper awe to the notion of space travel, Buzz Aldrin can. … Read more

Redmond farm sells ostrich meat

Central Oregon Ostrich is one of the two farms in the Pacific Northwest raising the bird for meat

The 8-foot-tall ostrich named Blue stuck his head over the fence at Central Oregon Ostrich. … Read more

Designer turns her grief into thriving pajama business

Three years ago Lauren Raja’s husband, Justin, died unexpectedly while the young couple was on … Read more

Eggs in Purgatory could help you ease a hangover

It used to be that whenever I craved a bowl of runny-yolked eggs poached in … Read more

How to use leftover cranberries (and other tips)

Food writer Kristen Hartke recently joined the Post Food staff for a discussion of all … Read more

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