New Review

Restaurant review: Yi’s Wok

Central Oregon Volunteer Search

‘Pitch’ throws too many cliches at viewers



Shade-tolerant plants are varied and numerous


Cook Like a Chef: Zucchini tart


DIY kid-friendly organizer for the car

Nonwatery slow-cooker ratatouille is possible

City kitchen

A superior salad starts with the ingredients

Good Appetite

Garlicky chicken, by way of the Middle East

Food Q&A

Was my eggplant picked too soon?

Quick fix

Summer Garden Minestrone makes perfect and refreshing August fare

Keep dreams sweet with dream catchers

Ask Martha

Picture this: Think beyond the frame

Keeping your roses healthy and lush

Plumber: Rain-head shower requires a little planning

TV spotlight“Survivor’s Remorse” 10 p.m. Sundays, Starz

For ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ diversity is key

TV spotlight

Dunst talks Emmys, making a role her own

Kauai’s north shore a paradise for surfing, exploring

With dark days behind, Greenville springs to life

New York’s Harlem offers a lively mix of old and new

A magical realist vision of hip-hop’s birth

Successful businessman builds hope through music and scholarships


For wedding dresses, be wary of binding contracts

Engagement: Ben Bushnell and Andrea Duke


A riot as an omen of trauma in prisons today

Unconventional path to best-seller success

Photographing dogs in honor of National Dog Day

Bethlehem Inn receives $4,000 grant

High Desert Museum seeks photo, story submissions

Nurse draws upon her blindness to help others cope with trauma

Religious Services

Handwriting lives on in digital world

TV spotlight“Better Late Than Never” 9 p.m. Tuesdays, NBC

’Better Late Than Never’ is madness


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