Father-son look-alike winners

By Alandra Johnson • The Bulletin
Published Jun 11, 2014 at 03:56PM / Updated Jun 12, 2014 at 05:37PM
Submitted by Mindy Lyman
Mike Edgerton - It's a Bug's Life at Disneyland 2014
Thomas Harrer - Tom and Justin Harrer (first team All-State team) after Sisters win their first 4A State Soccer Title this past Fall
Submitted by Jayci Larson
Bonnie Darling - Father, son and Tiki god in Hawaii.
Sally Trent - father and son - blue eyes and long eyelashes - look out girls, here comes Jayden!
Judy Fettig - Three generations - Annual Christmas muscle picture
Judy Fettig - Christmas 2012 - Comparing muscles
Jesse Hurley and son Kellen.
Luke Parazoo, 38, and Paxton, 16.
Mike Edgerton - Backpacking trip this spring on the Metolius, me and my mini me
Peggy Frede - This photo includes 3 generations of fathers and sons. It was taken after the grandson was worrying about the future of his hairline!
Jenni Barker - Wesley is his daddy's shadow and holds a strong resemblance.
Jason Brewer - The photo just doesn't do them justice, these two couldn't look anymore alike!
Bradley and Noah Howk
Rod Stuve
Nathan Hovekamp and son.
Randi Beasley - They love to go out in the woods together.
Submitted by Jennifer Lewis Welch
Left photo: Paul Evers, 52, and Bobby Evers, 25, dressed as each other for Halloween. Right: The pair dressed as themselves.
Joe Tollenaar - Myself and son during trail run
Dan McCullough - Orval and Dan, sunny afternoon in Prineville
Drew Hamlin and son Jeff Hamlin
Bill McDonald - Photo is of Grandfather Bill McDonald and Grandson Hogan McDonald.
Jackie Mueller - Not only do these two have hair that sticks up, the both love cardinal baseball. Jim is a first time dad.
Keith Wright - Taken at the DOVE music awards in Nashville, TN
Tia Lewis - This is Luke and his best buddy "Pappy" who is his grandfather.
cassandrA wagner - Daddy, houstyn and great grandpa george...best of friends
Roger and Conor Ferguson
Kevin Richards and son Owen.
Wendy McGrane - Photo taken on Mother's Day at Shevlin Park
Carrie Kennedy - My son cheers with his daddy every football season for their favorite team!!
Glenn and Tyler Spurlock.
STEPHANIE CLELAND - I may not be his father, but I am a single mom and the only parent he knows. This is a picture of Skye at age 3 and me, his mom, at age 4.
Kari Paz - Proud Alumni and future Duck
Erika Kerr - My Three Sons
Scott McDonald and son Chase.
Stephanie Tadjiki - Robert and Jasper admiring each others' good looks.
Marcus Crocker and son Sawyer.
David Standerwick, 51, and Jared Standerwick, 27.
Paul Spencer - Two red-headed mountain bikers. Paul Spencer and his 6 3/4-year-old son Ian.
Justice Davis - Go Hawks!
Sarah Prudhomme - Father and boys at Christmas!
Charlie Lehnherr and son
Jill Sauter - Having a "howling" good time at the Great Wolf Lodge during Spring Break!
Sarah Williamson - Matching expressions on these two Williamson boys. AJ is nearly eight months, and he and daddy are already two peas in a pod!
Joe Tollenaar - My son and I after race with granddaughter
Cory and Owen Smith
Wendy McGrane - Sunday afternoon on deck before BBQ
Pam Whitaker - Dustin and his son out to dinner at Mazatlan!
Christine Jacobsen - This was "Dress Like Your Hero" day at school.
Beth Whitney - "My Two Sons". Photo taken 09/09/09.