Mild to warm spring temperatures mean winter trail access is limited to Dutchman and Swampy sno-parks with bare ground in some areas of Swampy. Wanoga has no snowmobile access. Snow plow operations are ongoing between Mount Bachelor and Deschutes Bridge, Newberry Caldera and up through McKenzie Pass. Newberry Caldera still has 18 to 20 inches of snow and dry-out is not expected for a few weeks.

For spring trails, Skyliner Trailhead is closed until further notice, but limited parking is still available along roadway. Marvin’s Garden bike trail is reopened through the prescribed burn just south of Phil’s Trailhead, but bikers are advised to watch for hotspots and stay on the trail. Tumalo Falls Trailhead is now open to motor vehicle traffic, but trails in the upper viewpoint are currently blocked by snow. Snow free trails are soft to muddy.

Ben’s and Phil’s trails are now one-way trails. Phil’s Trail is downhill only from Junction 18 and Ben’s Trail is uphill only from the trailhead to Road 300. Tumalo Creek and Mrazek trails at Shevlin Park are snow free to approximately 5,000 feet.

Deschutes River trails from the Entrada Lodge to Benham Falls and Sunriver are mostly snow free and in fair to good condition. Hikers are advised to avoid paved trail construction work in section on Blackrock Trail and Lava Lands. Lava Lands is now open on weekends.

Wanoga mountain bike trails are blocked by patchy snow and are muddy in areas. Horse Butte and Swamp Wells area trails are mostly in good condition. Lava Cast Forest Trailhead has partial snow.

Black Butte Trail is in good condition from the road to trailhead, with sectional snow from the trailhead to the summit. Metolius River trails are snow free and in fair to good condition. Youth crews are continuing with trail improvements and restoration projects upstream and downstream of Camp Sherman. Metolius-Windigo Horse Trail is in fair condition at lower elevations with a 200-foot muddy section just north of Road 1514. Equestrians are advised to stay away from this area. Hikers and bikers are advised to use with caution. Crescent District summer trails are beginning to dry out with the snow line at 5,000 feet.

Peterson Ridge Trails are mostly fair to good condition with patchy snow and ice above 5,200 feet. Could be soft to muddy in some areas with some blow down reported.

Trail clearing on wilderness trails won’t begin for a few weeks. Northwest Forest Pass is now required in some trail areas. Leash laws will go into effect May 15 along the Deschutes River corridor. Winter dog closure is now lifted on Tumalo Mountain, but dogs are still not allowed on Bridge Creek Trail.