By Steve Doell

Crime Victims United of Oregon is proud to endorse Randy Miller for Deschutes County Circuit Court judge. Miller’s integrity, character, fairness, diligence, dedication to service and multifaceted life experience make him the clear choice for this position.

Crime Victims United was founded in 1983 by Bob and Dee Dee Kouns and other members of the Portland chapter of Parents of Murdered Children. Over the past 30-plus years, Crime Victims United has worked to promote a more balanced justice system through legislative action and public awareness.

We advocate for individual Oregonians and their families who have become crime victims, helping them cope with hearings and criminal justice proceedings, and guiding them to counseling and support groups. We also advocate for the legal rights of crime victims. We work with the Oregon Legislature to enhance public safety. And we bring fact-based information to the public about criminal justice in Oregon.

As an advocacy organization working in the political process, we receive endorsement requests from candidates for a broad range of offices: city and county, state Legislature, governor, United States Congress and judge. We take our responsibility seriously and extend our endorsement only after careful consideration.

Miller joined the United States Marine Corps right out of high school and is a combat veteran. After his military service Miller completed training with the Oregon Board of Public Safety Standards and Training and became a police officer in Deschutes County. Miller then attended Linfield College where he received a bachelor’s degree in business, graduating magna cum laude. He was hired by the Les Schwab Tire Co. in Prineville.

He later received a law degree from Willamette University and went to work in Portland for one of the largest law firms in the Pacific Northwest. In 2006 Miller moved back to Bend because his family loved the area and everything it had to offer. In 2012 he started his own law practice.

In addition to his personal qualities, this broad experience is what makes Miller a refreshing and highly qualified candidate for circuit court judge.

It’s not only Crime Victims United that has recognized these qualities in Miller. Over 150 Deschutes County citizens, including elected officials, business owners and community leaders, have endorsed him. Fourteen presiding and circuit court judges and 18 current and retired district attorneys from all over Oregon, Malheur County to Tillamook County, from Portland to Klamath Falls, have also endorsed Miller. Retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice W. Michael Gillette said: “In addition to his intelligence and legal ability, Randy is the kind of person who understands people, which is the first and most important qualification of a judge. I recommend Randy highly.”

Miller is inquisitive about how things work and how to make them better. During our conversations about his candidacy he asked me what I would do to improve the criminal justice system in Oregon. I told him about the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program. This program, for drug and property crime probationers, started in Hawaii and has shown great promise for reducing recidivism. Clackamas County is now running a rigorously evaluated HOPE pilot program funded by the U.S. Department of Justice. This program requires an unprecedented level of cooperation among judges, police, district attorneys, parole officers, treatment providers and other parts of the criminal justice system. We think Miller’s energy, tenacity, team-oriented approach and multifaceted experience make him ideal to lead the effort to create innovative programs for reducing recidivism in Deschutes County.

For all of these reasons, Crime Victims United is pleased to endorse Miller for Deschutes County Circuit Court judge. Miller is the right choice for Deschutes County.

Oregon has a proud tradition of electing judges — a right guaranteed to us by the Oregon Constitution. We encourage you to exercise that right by voting for Miller.

— Steve Doell, of Lake Oswego, is president of Crime Victims United of Oregon.