Property transactions for Deschutes and Crook counties

Deschutes County

Andreas G. and Cheri D. Nager, trustees for the Cheri Diane Nager Trust, to Andreas G. Nager, Broken Top, Phase 3D, Lot 359, $575,000

Timothy L. and Janice D. Voth to Peter L. and Jane O. Goedecke, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 30, Lot 17, $1,325,000

Thomas A. and Lynda A. Arnold to Michael A. Sposito, trustee for the Michael A. Sposito 1998 Revocable Trust, Park Addition to Bend, Lot 5, Block 19, $292,000

Margaret S. Betterton to Kennedy Care Holdings LLC, Stonebrook, Phase 2, Lot 35, Block 1, $295,000

Mara E. Hansen to Jessica D. Knowles, Glacier Ridge, Phase 3, Lot 23, $197,500

Lands Bend Corp., successor by reason of conversion from Lands Bend LLC, to Bend La Pine School District Administrative School District, No. 1, Partition Plat 2014-4, Parcel 1, $2,600,000

Bruce N. Davis and William Service and Dunlap Fine Homes Inc. to Ryan Greiner and Kaelyn R. Jensen, Cimarron City, Lot 29, Block 4, $262,500

Jonathan P. Love to Jonathan P. and Margaret M. Love, Elkhorn Ridge, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 17, $399,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Bradley J. Neff, Emily Estates, Lot 33, $203,724

Janel Maurer to Bill and Ann Sorenson, North Pilot Butte Addition to Bend, Lot 4, Block 3, $170,000

Jerry Slaughter to Kerry and Jodi Kuenzi, Ridge at Eagle Crest 39, Lot 66, $560,000

Multidimentional Inc. to Barbara E. Warren and Julie A. Hurt, Shevlin Ridge, Phase 5, Lot 126, $645,000

Amy K. Moll to Almine Barton, Badger Forest, Phase 2, Lot 26, $189,000

Shannon T. and Kirk D. Loux to James A. and Mara E. Brown, Westbrook Village, Phase 2, Lot 6, $265,000

Michael and Shellie Saracione to Cameron and Kristen Langham, Stage Stop Meadows, Third Addition, Lot 41, $186,500

Ralph R. Sherman, trustee of the Ralph R. Sherman Revocable Trust, to Dennis K. Sherman, Partition Plat 1991-49, Parcel 2, $215,000

Jeff R. and Jennifer L. Snow, formerly known as Jennifer L. Wilson, to Orville L. and Deborah A. Wray, Hillman, Lots 16 and 17, Block 115, $185,000

Michael D. and John J. Wagner, trustees for the Michael D. Wagner Trust, to Donald Potesta, Township 15, Range 10, Section 11, $185,500

Stephen T. and Barbara S. Weber to Daniel Bretoi, Westside Meadows, Lot 54, $275,000

Jeff and Norman F. Ruttenberg to Richard J. Kuss, Oakview, Phase 2, Lot 11, $235,000

Nancy K. Cary, trustee , to Washington Federal, Summerhill, Phase 2, Lot 16, $418,543.56

J. Michael and Laura E. Carnahan to Shawna K. and Margo M. Carnahan, Township 15, Range 13, Section 18, $230,000

Carolyn R. Schmidt and Sheila A. Sohn to Not So Serious LLC, Center Addition to Bend, Lot 6, Block 45, $260,000

Orestes and Dana Yambouranis to Laura R. and William I. Sanderson, Stage Stop Meadows, Lot 2, Block 1, $183,688

Mark W. Munger to Sheila A. Marrion, Ridge at Eagle Crest 57, Lot 196, $189,900

Richard C. Hunt, trustee for the Richard C. Hunt Revocable Trust, to Erik and Sara Emerson, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 2, Lot 28, $225,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Randall A. Broussard, Awbrey Woods, Phase 2, Lot 18, $259,500

Fannie Mae to Christopher R. and Carly E. Sullivan, Eastbrook Estates, Phase 2, Lot 34, $174,600

Barbara Butzen to Marcus Holmes and Robert Tscharner, Tall Pines, Fifth Addition, Lot 40, Block 32, $190,000

Timothy R. Kelly II to Jack D. and Karen S. Bledsoe, Fairhaven, Phase 1, Lot 9, $159,000

Tammy J. Iams to John H. and Jodi I. Weisner, Sun Meadow, Lot 11, $200,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Timothy E. Pfiffner and Tracy Y. Fox-Pfiffner, Shevlin Ridge, Phase 6, Lot 133, $591,049

Terry H. Trout to Danny S. Loveless, Arrowhead, Phases 1-4, Lot 19, $189,500

Sherrie W. Anderson, trustees for the Sherrie W. Anderson Revocable Trust, to Judith A. Johansen, trustee for the Judith A. Johansen Family Trust, East Meadow Homesite, Lot 34, $650,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Daniel Palesch, Aspen Rim, Lot 110, $273,807

Kimberly S. Wolford to Fabian A. Clark, Cascade Gardens, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 4, $229,900

Erik Zamboni to Natalya Dolgopolova, South Village, Lot 22 ,$195,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Carol J. Bosch-Sosa and Anthony F. Sosa, Village at Cold Springs, Phase 2, Lots 73 and 74, $198,369

Dunlap Fine Homes Inc. to Joel and Kelly Moore, Volcano, Lot 11, $178,900

Crook County

Katherine and Craig Horn to Cheri C. Wulf, trustee of the Cheri C. Wulf Revocable Living Trust, Brasada Ranch 1, Lot 109, $150,000

Steven H. and Caroline E. Pape to Jeffery R. and Jennifer L. Snow, Partition Plat 2002-40, Parcel 2, $343,900

Investments Unlimited LLC to Melissa Herz, Partition Plat 2004-24, Parcel 1, $160,000

Columbia State Bank, as successor by merger to West Coast Bank, to Clem Wood, Partition Plat 2004-23, Parcel 1, $800,000

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