A Wallowa County commissioner has decided that dogs have it too good where he lives. Paul Casteilleja wants, among other things, to limit households to two dogs each and to ban them from all city and county parks.

Neither idea would fly in these parts. Many-dog families seem to be the norm here, and the fight is not to ban the critters from parks, but to expand the number of places they’re welcome.

More than a few dog owners are genuinely offended when told their pets are not welcome at outdoor public gatherings, even grocery stores.

What will Casteilleja think of next? Two-cat limits? Two goldfish or gold finches? We’re not sure what put this particular bee in the commissioner’s bonnet, but the limits, at least, seem both extreme and unenforceable.

And if the limits are approved, will the county really need the full-time animal control officer Casteilleja wants to hire?