• Peter Gilmore has recently joined the Oregon Adaptive Sports board. Gilmore is retired from the athletic shoe industry (Adidas and Nike), and he previously owned his own retail store. He has worked as a journalist, teacher, coach and college admissions counselor. Gilmore has a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College and a master’s from Harvard University.

Allison Suran, Charlotte Watership, Zeyla Brandt, Fran Manti, Annette Cyr and Nancy Hartung of Healing Bridge Physical Therapy recently attended the semiannual pain conference through the Pain Society of Oregon. The professional staff learned about neuroplastic transformation and received in-depth training on assisting patients to manage and overcome persistent pain through a variety of tools.

Kathy Desenberg , a home health and hospice field nurse with Partners in Care, has recently moved into a supervisor role as hospice program coordinator. Desenberg is a registered nurse whose prior experience includes nursing in a hospital setting and an assisted living facility and as an Alzheimer’s nursing director.

Jodi Bigness with Partners in Care was recently named nursing supervisor. Bigness has worked for the organization for 11 years and received a bachelor’s degree from Linfield College of Nursing.

• Dru Pade with Partners in Care recently became a supervisor of home health nurses and aides. Pade has worked for the organization for two years.