By Shelby R. King

The Bulletin

The female member of the media referenced in a Bend Police Department internal investigation as having a sexual relationship with former Lt. Chris Carney has retained an attorney and claims she didn’t have sex with Carney.

Attorney Thomas McDermott did not release the identity of his client, but said she denies any wrongdoing.

“My client did not have a sexual relationship with him,” McDermott wrote in an email. “There was a single incident when the lieutenant kissed her but then apologized for his mistake and that was the end of it.”

McDermott did confirm his client is not an employee of The Bulletin.

Carney resigned on Jan. 12 after an investigation revealed he had sex while off and on duty, sometimes in uniform. He admitted to having sex with three city employees in a variety of places, including his office at the police department, the east substation, a storage room and a women’s restroom. He also admitted to having sex on the side of a road, an act of public indecency that is punishable by law.

In investigative documents provided by Assistant City Attorney Gary Firestone, Bend Police Lt. Ben Gregory asked Carney if he had “any off duty sexual relationships with anybody from the media.” Carney first said he’d “had contact.”

When asked again if he’d had “sexual relationships” Carney answered, “Ya, I said ya,” according to the documents. During the investigation Carney went on record saying he considered the media person a friend. He said she contacted him often for stories and that they discussed non-work-related things, such as his plans to seek public office. He said their sexual relationship occurred in the spring or summer of 2013.

No lawsuits have been filed at this time.

“The unwanted and undeserved publicity and speculation has been devastating to my client and her family,” McDermott said. “She does not want her name associated publicly with this scandal as it could seriously damage her reputation and career.”

Bend Police Chief Jeff Sale said no one contacted the member of the media Carney claimed to have sex with in order to corroborate his story. Carney was determined to have been untruthful during the investigation, intentionally misleading investigators.

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