Bend restaurants in “Sizzle & Buzz”

• Ariana Restaurant

• Jackson’s Corner

• Brickhouse

• 900 Wall

• Chow

• Pine Tavern

• Tim Garling’s Jackalope Grill

• Spork

• The Victorian Cafe

• Barrio

• Noi Thai Cuisine

• The Hideaway Tavern

• Bellatazza

• Cafe Sintra

A good cause

The Hunger Prevention Coalition of Central Oregon benefits from sales of the “Sizzle & Buzz” cookbook. The Coalition works to increase nutritious foods for the hungry in Central Oregon. For more information about its work, or to donate or volunteer, contact them at, P.O. Box 8711, Bend, 97708, 541-815-1747.

If you like to eat, cook, read cookbooks, go out to restaurants or explore new food scenes when traveling, you won’t want to miss “Sizzle & Buzz: What’s Cookin’ in the Region’s Hottest Restaurants” (The Where to Eat Guide & Associates, Inc., 2013, $20).

It’s a new Pacific Northwest-focused paperback cookbook, featuring 14 of Bend’s restaurants, from the oldest — Pine Tavern — to some of the newest, like Spork, Barrio and Chow — with an interesting behind-the-scenes story about each establishment, plus a favorite recipe.

“Sizzle & Buzz” also spotlights top restaurants in Portland and Seattle.

In addition to being a fun read about 53 restaurants, 60 percent of each cookbook sale goes directly to organizations in each featured city that help feed people who are hungry. Here, the Hunger Prevention Coalition of Central Oregon is the beneficiary, so you get good recipes for a good cause with the purchase of this book.

The book’s roots

“Sizzle & Buzz” was the brainchild of Bend’s late John Herbik, founder and president of The Where to Eat Guide, a magazine found in multiple cities with information about local restaurants.

In the cookbook’s introduction, Herbik writes about growing up as a hungry kid in Cleveland, Ohio, in a family on welfare.

He describes being moved by seeing the 2012 documentary “A Place at the Table,” which is about hunger in America. He knew hunger, and wanted to help. Since he worked with food professionals in his company, Herbik created “Sizzle & Buzz” to showcase great restaurants in the Northwest with a collection of some of their best recipes. The icing on the cake for Herbik was the portion of sales that would benefit hunger charities.

“This was a project John thought about for a long time. He wanted to give money to the Hunger Prevention Coalition and was committed to increasing the nutritional value of the food they provide, ” said Sarah Daily, the cookbook’s writer who lives in Bend.

Daily is proud to be part of the “Sizzle & Buzz” crew. She told us she had a great time interviewing all of the chefs and restaurant owners in the book.

“I was struck by how hard all of these owners and chefs work. It was really inspiring to me. A lot of them have families and other commitments outside of work, and yet they’re so passionate about their food. I wanted to tell the more personal stories as well as the food stories,” Daily said.

We picked three of the restaurants featured in the cookbook to share their recipes below: The Pine Tavern’s Dungeness Crab Cakes, Barrio’s Jerked Pork Tacos with Grilled Pineapple Salsa, and Cafe Sintra’s Portuguese Stew.

Pine Tavern’s crab cakes

Justine Bennett owns Pine Tavern with her mother, Christine Bender. The Dungeness Crab Cakes dish (see recipe) is always on the menu, along with the restaurant’s best-sellers: prime rib, chicken marsala and meatloaf.

“The Pine Tavern is classic American cuisine, classic comfort food, made with quality ingredients, and we pride ourselves on being consistent,” Bennett said.

Established in 1936, Pine Tavern has only switched ownership four times over the years.

“When my dad (Bert Bender) got here in 1982, the Pine Tavern was ‘it’ as far as fine dining in Bend goes. Besides the care we put into our food, our great location on the river is a key to our longevity. The trees inside are fun, and they’re nice to show a guest who’s visiting Bend, but I think a lot of our success has been the great service. Our staff truly cares about our customers,” Bennett said.

In “Sizzle & Buzz,” you can also read about the origin of Pine Tavern’s signature sourdough scones.

Buzz for Barrio

Steven Draheim, chef and owner of Barrio, is pleased his hometown of Bend is featured in “Sizzle & Buzz.”

“It’s nice to be included with really good food cities like Seattle and Portland. We’re not on par with those two cities yet, but those of us in food here are pushing each other. I’m proud that Bend has a big independent restaurant community,” Draheim said.

Barrio will celebrate its two-year anniversary in March.

Draheim, a classically trained chef, has found success with his tacos, paellas, tapas, salads and cocktails that are inspired by flavors from his years of cooking in Tucson, Ariz. His Jerked Pork Tacos (see recipe) came from the Caribbean and Latin flavors he worked with in Arizona.

“I played with a lot of chilies down there. The trick is getting the balance right, getting the heat right,” he said.

Draheim recommends doubling up the tortillas if you make his pork tacos at home. That’s the way you’ll eat them at Barrio.

“Double ’em up for ease of eating. No one likes a soggy taco, and it holds up better,” Draheim said.

Sintra’s Portuguese Stew

Cafe Sintra is a popular breakfast and lunch spot in both Bend (owned by Manuel dos Santos) and the Village at Sunriver (owned by Tracie Landsem). They share similar menu items, and the Portuguese Stew (see recipe), adapted from dos Santos’ grandmother’s recipe, is available every day at both locations.

“Sizzle & Buzz” tells the story of how Landsem has worked on the same corner in Sunriver for most of her life.

“I’ve seen this corner grow from a pizza parlor, where I worked in the 1980s, to cooking at Marcello’s, and now owning Cafe Sintra. I’ve been happy to be a part of the mall and see it grow and expand and clean up,” Landsem said.

No longer cooking, Landsem likes to be up front in her restaurant, and she’s been surprised by getting asked to autograph “Sizzle & Buzz.”

“I hate talking about myself, but I like the stories in the book that get people interested in our restaurants. We’re lucky to have so many good restaurants in Bend,” Landsem said.

Now that Central Oregon is in a slower time of year with fewer tourists, Landsem said it’s a nice time to visit with the locals.

“Even on my days off, I still pop in to see how things are going, and to say ‘hi’ to whoever’s having coffee,” she said.

Where to find ‘Sizzle & Buzz’

“Sizzle & Buzz” is available for purchase ($20) at all of its featured restaurants, as well as Newport Avenue Market. You can order it online at

“I think the point that Portland restaurant owner Andrew Fortgang (Le Pigeon and Little Bird Bistro) makes on the back of our book is good. He said ‘cooking a dinner from this book lets you visit Portland, Seattle, Bend, and points in between without leaving home.’ He’s right. You can get all of these great flavors from these great food towns without going anywhere,” Daily said.

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