OSU-Cascades reveals designs for Bend campus

By Tyler Leeds The Bulletin Published Dec 13, 2013 at 12:01AM

Three visions for OSU-Cascades campus

Features marked below: 1) Academic buildings; 2) Housing; 3) Student life centers; 4) Campus main entrance; 5) Main campus loop road; 6) Minor access road; 7) Service road; 8) Parking (onsite); 9) Amphitheatre/outdoor gathering area; 10) Overlooks and vistas; 11) Vernal ponds, wetland, wet desert meadows; 12) College courtyards; 13) Canyon bottom; 14) Canyon cliffs, rim

Master plan “canyon'

Master plan “terrace'

Master plan “rim'

Source: OSU-Cascades

Image courtesy OSU-Cascades This rendering of a possible layout for OSU-Cascades is one of three shown at on open house Thursday night. See complete other maps and descriptions of the three options at the bottom of the article below.
Andy Tullis / The Bulletin Barbara Swift, the principal at the Swift Company, standing, explains one of the development options for the new OSU-Cascades campus Thursday during a community presentation in Bend.