Earbuds geared for sport

By Marielle Gallagher

Nothing is worse than hitting the top of a workout and an earbud comes tumbling out of place. The motivational flow provided by the bass-thumping music comes to a screeching halt as you fumble for the cord and the earbud dangling at the end of it.

It’s then that you may consider searching for earbuds designed to stay put or be worn over the ear or even behind the neck. We went in search of unique earbud designs for all kinds of workouts, including in the pool, on the treadmill and on a bike. •

All prices were sourced from Best Buy, except for the Finis Neptune, which was sourced from Amazon.

Ryan Brennecke / The Bulletin Luke MacSween, of Bend, swim laps at Juniper Swim and Fitness Center while listening to music on the Finis Neptune headphones.
Submitted photo Comfortably worn under athletic gear: Monster makes a series of earbuds aimed at offering an excellent fit under helmets, glasses and ski goggles. The iSport Strive is one of the lower-priced options and is labeled as having partial sound isolation to allow for ambient sound, which helps the user’s ability to hear others approaching from the side or behind. They are also sweatproof, washable and antimicrobial, featuring a flat, tangle-resistant cord with a controller for volume, pause and play. $49.99
Submitted photo Great for multitasking: JayBird makes the Freedom Sprint wireless earbuds, which include a lifetime warranty against sweat damage. User can answer calls via Bluetooth and adjust music and volume with controls on the ear piece. The silicone earbuds rest in the ear canals and connect to each other behind the neck. A full charge will last 4½ hours. $129.99
Submitted photo Designed for underwater: Finis created the Neptune, an underwater MP3 player made for listening to music and other audio files when fully submerged. The headphones attach to goggle head straps and rest on the cheek so there are no earbuds. They transmit sound using bone conduction technology. The MP3 player has 4GB of storage and eight hours of battery life. Includes screen to display current track information. $106
Submitted photo Top-quality sound: Bose, a brand known for its superior sound quality, made the SIE2i sport headphone specifically for working out. The SIE2i is sweat- and weather-resistant and comes with a Reebok fitness armband for carrying a variety of electronics, including an iPhone and iPod. $150
Submitted photo Secure fit for high-impact exercise: Sony has a few options for sport headphones, including the Active Sports headphones that feature a loop that hangs over the ear for a secure fit. The earbud rests in the ear canal. The hanger loop that fits over the ear is movable to adjust fit. $19.99
Submitted photo Won’t jostle out of place on the trail: The yurbuds brand makes a wide variety of earbuds for athletes. The yurbuds Ironman Inspire have “Twist Lock technology” the company says guarantees the ear pieces will never fall out. The ear pieces are labeled as “ultra-soft” and sweat- and water-resistant. The 4-foot cloth-wrapped cord is designed to resist tangling. The earbuds allow the user to hear ambient sound, which can be beneficial when using shared-use trails or exercising near traffic. $49.99