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Powell Butte woman missing

Updated at 06:41 PM

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BBB: Bend retailer fraudulently billing consumers; Business received 18 complaints since September

Updated at 04:47 PM

Head Start fears losing teachers to full-day K

Whatever happened to ...

Ashwood rebuilds grange hall destroyed in 2012

Prep Sports this week

Interest rises in decathlon, heptathlon

College basketball

Grit part of education from school of hardwood

Iraqi forces battle Islamic State

Today’s read: destigmatizing abortion

An abortion pill clinic in Maryland promotes its ‘spa-like’ environment

Bend company’s software helps schools

Jay Z’s Tidal has big plans

Editorial: Just the facts, Truth in Site

Editorial: Don’t ban most crop spraying

TV spotlight “Big Time in Hollywood, FL” Wednesdays, Comedy Central

‘Big Time’ a weak shot at absurd comedy

TV spotlight “The Dovekeepers” 9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, CBS

A bodice-ripping look at ancient history


Salt: A guide to varieties


Learn how to garden in Central Oregon

VA official: Fixes to Choice Program require Congressional action

Editor’s choice

Retailer ups standard for testing of dietary pills

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Pulse Magazine Winter/Spring 2015

11:17 am | 02/16/15

Patient or data point? Despite their usefulness, electronic health records can complicate doctor-patient relationships.

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