How to hydrate

Sure, those Gatorade commercials are inspiring. Watch the sweat spray off the hard chiseled bodies … Read more

Tim Malone: a counselor to dementia patients

Developing relationships key to success

Tim Malone’s clients — older adults who have dementia — don’t meet him in an … Read more

Bend pro skater, snowboarder succeeds

Jake Selover credits his supportive parents

Whether participating in traditional, team-oriented sports or a more individualistic activity such as snowboarding, it’s … Read more

Brushing: You’re doing it wrong

Dental experts have the right techniques for clean teeth

When you’re brushing your teeth, do you ever just sort of go on autopilot? I … Read more

The Other Diabetes

{%comp-FFFFFE-br%} Kelsey Bennett opened her eyes. She wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep. … Read more

Weighing risks and rewards of statins

Cholesterol-lowering drugs are controversial among doctors

Statins are a class of drugs like no other. The group of cholesterol-lowering medications that … Read more

Arthritis exam: Do you know the gist of joint pain?

1. What are the three most common forms of arthritis? A) Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid and psoriatic … Read more

Healthy sushi at home or dining out

Avoid sauces and tempura, keep rolls simple

First things first: If you’re going out for sushi instead of pasta, a burrito or … Read more

Psychologist returns to her roots

Native American incorporates culture in counseling

Shilo Tippett had been far away from home pursuing a degree in psychology at Oklahoma … Read more

Preparing for Pole Pedal Paddle, pro tips

Three keys: purchase, practice and plan

Dan Simoneau flipped his boat into the water five times the first year he raced … Read more

Store-bought or homemade baby food: Which is better?

Dietitians share pros and cons of both types

If you’re stressing over whether to feed your infant homemade or store-bought baby food, here’s … Read more

Mainstreaming marijuana

Pot legalization is revealing unintended consequences

States where recreational marijuana is legal are experiencing the results of mainstreaming the drug, including … Read more

Which nordic ski gear is right for you?

With two ways to cross-country ski, knowing the right style is key before purchasing gear

Regarded as one of the best full-body workouts, cross-country skiing is an extremely popular wintertime … Read more

Female veterans face barriers to health care

Critics say VA not responsive to women’s needs

{%comp-FFFFFE-tl%} Rhonda Gleason thought the Veterans Affairs doctor wasn’t listening. Turns out, she was right. … Read more

Prison nurse is ‘fair, firm and consistent’

Sara Johnson’s desire to be a nurse started around age 9

Sara Johnson learned she had a knack for nursing starting at the tender age of … Read more

Screen time got you dry?

Tips for reducing eye dryness, redness and fatigue

Kids tend to get a bad rap for being on screens all the time, but … Read more

Helping to navigate the seas of aging

Geriatric care managers can help families make better elder care decisions

Jennifer Rogers and Jeanne Merritt have seen the scenario play out so many times. An … Read more

Get ready to ride a fatbike

Mountain bikes with wider tires provide another wintertime activity in Central Oregon

{%comp-FFFFFE-bl%} Fatbikes have evolved from a seemingly weird fad to a legitimate wintertime outdoor activity … Read more

Go nuts, try a different butter

New nut butters offer alternatives for your PB&J

For decades there was nothing more fundamental to growing up in America than a good … Read more

Skateboarding is doable at any age

Skating through life: Reporter, 48, has skateboarded since his teens

Recently, I was telling a co-worker about my latest skateboard injury when he asked, “Do … Read more

Memory care under the microscope in Oregon

After tales of neglect, advocates are giving standards a closer look

Memory care, the fastest-growing segment of long-term care in the state and nationwide, accounts for … Read more

Cooking oils: Which is right for you?

Dietitians weigh in on characteristics to consider

It can be daunting, given the dizzying array of cooking oil options lining grocery store … Read more

Raising active kids who grow into active adults

Experts: Practice, setting a good example, introducing a variety of sports and emphasizing fun are among the ways parents can promote activity

A growing body of medical research shows chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and … Read more

Meet the medical pros who watch you sleep

Sleep technologists perform studies used to diagnose sleep apnea, insomnia

If your sleep is bad, chances are other aspects of your health are, too. “It’s … Read more

Learn how to kayak

Kayaking options — even for newbies — are numerous in Central Oregon

From long stretches of serene flat water to roaring white waterfalls, kayaking options abound in … Read more

Technology highlights golf gear for 2016

New equipment uses high tech features and material

Technology is a major player for golf equipment in 2016, whether it’s the newest in … Read more

Mind, body and mountain biking

Bend physician’s assistant applies yoga background to medicine

Keith Bell, a yoga teacher and an avid mountain biker, sat meditating. A “wholesome curiosity” … Read more

A cure for hepatitis C, if not for the cost

New drugs are more effective than ever, but remain out of reach for some

Within the past three years, new drugs with cure rates surpassing 90 percent have come … Read more

Quiz: Test your insomnia IQ

What do you know about sleeplessness?

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference in how you eat, think and … Read more

Essay: A personal path to a pull-up

From weenie arm to brawny arm is a long road

Blame the flexed arm hang. Does that even exist anymore? When I was a kid, … Read more

Going it alone: Concierge medicine

Some doctors are opting out of big healthcare

In the frenzied world of modern medicine, some doctors are going back to simpler times … Read more

Learn to walk the (slack) line

Slacklining is becoming more mainstream

Smith Rock State Park is widely regarded as the birthplace of sport rock climbing in … Read more

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