In the dark about lupus

Is pain all in your head?

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How to climb the more technical Cascade peaks

How to hydrate

Tim Malone: a counselor to dementia patients

Bend pro skater, snowboarder succeeds

Brushing: You’re doing it wrong

The Other Diabetes

Weighing risks and rewards of statins

Arthritis exam: Do you know the gist of joint pain?

Healthy sushi at home or dining out

Psychologist returns to her roots

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Preparing for Pole Pedal Paddle, pro tips

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Store-bought or homemade baby food: Which is better?

Cover story| Mainstreaming Marijuana

Mainstreaming marijuana

Which nordic ski gear is right for you?

Female veterans face barriers to health care

Prison nurse is ‘fair, firm and consistent’

Screen time got you dry?

Helping to navigate the seas of aging

Get ready to ride a fatbike

Go nuts, try a different butter

Skateboarding is doable at any age

Memory care under the microscope in Oregon

Cooking oils: Which is right for you?

Raising active kids who grow into active adults

Meet the medical pros who watch you sleep

Learn how to kayak

Technology highlights golf gear for 2016

Mind, body and mountain biking

A cure for hepatitis C, if not for the cost

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Quiz: Test your insomnia IQ

Essay: A personal path to a pull-up

Going it alone: Concierge medicine

Learn to walk the (slack) line


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