A cure for hepatitis C, if not for the cost

Memory care under the microscope in Oregon

Cooking oils: Which is right for you?

Raising active kids who grow into active adults

Meet the medical pros who watch you sleep

Learn how to kayak

Technology highlights golf gear for 2016

Mind, body and mountain biking

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Quiz: Test your insomnia IQ

Essay: A personal path to a pull-up

Going it alone: Concierge medicine

Learn to walk the (slack) line

Genetics-based medicine a matter of debate

Spices can substitute for salt

Gear guide: Sunglasses for protection and performance

Turning health insurance into access

Treating llamas and alpacas offers Redmond veterinarian best of both worlds

How to add moisture, not germs, to indoor air

Frequently asked questions of an anosmiac

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Quiz: Hydration myths

Hidden wounds: After a school shooting

The dentist who laid down his drill

A shoe for every hiker

Teeth whitening: Dentist’s office or less expensive alternative

Do you doodle?

Learn to play tennis

Dietitians offer tips for adding nutrition to desserts

Pastry chef embraces ‘real food’

Few medical complaints warrant malpractice claim

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Body of knowledge: pop quiz

Allergies = zero furry (or even feathered!) friends

Concussions: Playing with the future

Methadone: Treating addiction with drugs

A guide to medical imaging


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